Hey y’all! I’m so excited to share with you my 1 month progress of BBG, Fitness Carli Meal Plan, and just walking on the treadmill!

I’m actually really shocked that I stuck with this for a full 4 weeks! Now am I saying I was perfect? Nope! But I did my best! I have 4 more weeks left on the fitness Carli meal plan and I can’t wait to see the final results! I have 8 weeks left of BBG and I’m so excited to see how strong I get! Benton’s favorite time of the day is when we walk on the treadmill and I can’t disappoint the baby now so I bet we will walk till he tells me not to 😂

But let’s be honest here. Have you ever done a meal plan or workout program hoping for results and after about 2 weeks you honestly didn’t see much difference in your weight or inches? I was there 2 weeks ago! But Carli posted on her Instagram that she was feeling the same way. Now if the owner of the meal plan admits this and says some motivating things afterwards then you know your own the right program! I decided I would keep on! I’m so glad I did!

Weight wise, I’m down 4.5lbs from my pre pregnancy weight and I’ve lost 3 inches in my torso area in the last 4 weeks. What I’m also noticing is that I’m not so bloated. All of this is motivating but when your not really seeing much it always helps to take a picture!

So here’s my pictures. I’ve rambled enough and now here it is!

No it’s not a six pack! And no I’m not down to my before Brookelyn weight but I am feeling way better about myself and I’m feeling inspired to keep going!

I can’t wait to show y’all the whole 8 weeks of eating and the whole 12 weeks of bbg!


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