Last month was National Adoption Month and I posted something about when my parents got me and got lost of requests on wanting to hear more! So in honor of my sisters birthday, I’m doing this whole blog post for y’all!

The baby in these two pictures of course is me. The bottom pictures shows the exact time my mom got to hold me for the first time. So sweet!

My parents couldn’t have kids so they decided to do Adoption. The December before I was born they were going to adopt a boy. (Can you imagine them with a boy?! Me either.) Well obviously that didn’t workout and a few weeks before I was born someone told someone who told someone else who told my parents about me. My birth mom was like 19 and she didn’t even know she was pregnant till like 2 months before. (Something like that) and so word got to my parents that there would be a baby needing to be adopted and was asked if they wanted it. Well of course they said YES!! They ended up getting a call on April 2 early in the morning saying that I was born and if they wanted me then they better come get me! So they hauled butt to East Texas and came and got me! I was considered in foster care with them till my adoption was finalized. That was only for 6 weeks.

I get this question a lot. “When did you find out you were adopted?” Well the answer is always. It definitely wasn’t a secret and I never felt like I wasn’t theirs. My grandma spilled the beans on my sisters though. She told me I had an older sister and a younger sister. Of course I always dreamed of meeting them! I always wanted a brother of sister but now I’m glad I didn’t.

I don’t think I was a hard child. I did have a smart mouth and still do but I wasn’t bad… I don’t know what my mom did to scare me from being bad but I wasn’t.

My parents gave me the best life! I had so many opportunities that they gave me that I would have never gotten had my birth mom kept me. (Nothing against her!!!) I got to play sport and try new things. My parents backed me up in everything I wanted to do. I ended up loving Volleyball and wanted to play in high school so my parents put me on a club team. I sucked! But being on that club team made me so much better! I just kept playing and practicing and they were there the whole time! They put me in private school my freshman year and we went on to win state my senior year. This got me looked at by colleges. I needed up playing for a semester then moved back home. (That dang Brody!)

(Our first picture together)

So with me moving home and going to school here, I wanted to apply for some scholarships. We looked into adoption scholarships which lead us to looking into my adoption papers. This was the first time I’d ever seen and read things about where I came from. It was a closed adoption but my birthmom had filled some things out of family history. That was the first time I saw her name. I remember asking my mom what she looked like and surprisingly my mom said “well let’s look her up on Facebook”. I was shocked but we found her! A few days later I went over to a friends house and was telling her and showing her and she said I needed to message her. I felt like I was betraying my parents by wanting to do that. But I did it. I sent her a message on Facebook asking if she had a daughter on this date that was adopted and she said yes. I then told her I was her. I’ll admit that I didn’t get the response I was looking for. I thought she’d want to know all about me! But she didn’t. She told me I could ask her anything so I did. She told me about my older sister and how she had found her a few years ago using whatever social media thing that was before Facebook. She told me I also had two younger sisters who she kept. I can’t tell you how excited I was to know that I had some sisters!

So I reached out to Christie (my older sister) that night and told her I was her sister and was adopted too. I guess she was at the bar with friends and that didn’t go over well. I really thought, crap this girl hates me! Later I found out that she was more mad about the fact that our birthmom never mentioned me to anyone when Christie found her. No joke! Only her mom and brother knew! We instantly started talked and found out we had a ton in common! We just had to meet! She only lived 5 hours away from me and so we loaded up and drove down! We became besties within minutes! I even went to her house to spend the night and we wore the same outfit! It was crazy! We could of been twins.

Since then, we’ve had our ups and downs. But we have become the best friends sisters are supposed to be! These last 8 years have been so much fun! We’ve experienced life together! We’ve shared a lot! We’ve had weddings, graduations, her cancer battles, concerts, jobs (we both did banking and teaching) and family health issues! (We both have older parents) But my favorite was finding out we were both pregnant and due 2 weeks apart!

We both ended up having boys who are a month apart and love playing with each other’s toys. We are both so excited to watch them grow up together and become besties like us!

We have had the best time becoming sisters and love that we got the best of both world! We both are only children but we both have each other!

Today she is 30!!! I hope she has the best birthday!

so that’s my story! Or the short version for sure! I couldn’t imagine it being any different! Just look at how cute these two are!! They both love going on trips…. Without me. So I like to photo shop myself!

I’ve been asked a few times from adoptive parents if I regret meeting my birthmom and that’s a big NO! Don’t take this wrong but she wasn’t what I Pictures in my mind growing up. Her life is so different and we currently don’t get along. We have a way different thought process on things and not being in each other’s life right now seems to be the best. I did meet her once along with my other two sisters. We all had a great time! I would like to have a relationship with them someday but just don’t know when that will happen. As for Christie and I we’ve had the best time! she’s been the best aunt to my babies! We love her!

Thanks for reading my story! I’m definitely open to talk if you have any questions about adoption or finding birthfamilies. You can comment, email or dm me on instagram!

Have a great Monday!


PS: I don’t know anything about my birthdad. I did do the ancestry dna test and didn’t find much out of that. Maybe someday something will pop up.


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