This year I was so excited to do a Christmas card! Benton is at that cute age where he sits up and smiles and just loves everything! Of course I wanted a family picture, but if you’re a farm wife then you know the busy seasons don’t allow for picture time. So these two made the cut and that’s that! I decided to go with Shutterfly. We have used them for lots of things and they had a great deal going.

Since this was our first year with the cotton I thought it needed to be documented. I really wanted the kids to have their picture taken in it but since our cotton is so tall I wasn’t sure how that would work. You better believe I Pinterest’s my ideas like crazy! I finally found one where a boy is sitting on this metal bucket thing. I sent my mom to Lowe’s and it turned out great! Highly recommend it!

This was part of our second photo shoot. If you ask b, I’m not the nicest mommy when it comes to pictures. I was so mad because it took forever for the sun to go down enough and Benton would not stop watching his Papa’s cows! But it finally happened and I got one good one!

I love sending out Christmas cards to all the family! It’s so fun and it’s fun to document how much they grow. I especially loved this years with the new cotton and new baby in it! B is just loving having a brother! She totes him around and he doesn’t even care.

I hope y’all have a great Christmas!



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