I took a poll over on my instagram [@thesweetfarmlife] and most everyone said they wanted to see more try-ons. The polls also showed that a lot of my followers shop boutiques and some even wanted to see more local boutique styles. So your girl hit up a local boutique in Amarillo and found some cute pieces!

I’m here to get you ready for your weekend shopping! In these pictures I am wearing all Dotsy’s pieces including the jeans. I tried to pick items they had in full stock! You will also see my cute boyfriend in the background playing with the clothes hanging up. He doesn’t love shopping but he tagged along.

First I’m sharing this cardigan! It comes in 2 sizes! S/M and M/ L. I have on the S/M and it was definitely over sized but so cozy!! It’s long enough to cover the booty and looks great with Jean or leggings. Underneath I have on just their basic black pocket tee.

These jeans are Dotsy’s and I’m wearing a size 5. These jeans are high rise which sucks in everything for you mommas out there. They are super cute!

Here I’m wearing the basic boyfriend tee. I’ve seen so many people on my social media asking about basic tees and where to get some good ones. This one is so soft and super cute! I love the length and the pocket. Such a good basic closet piece. I’m wearing a size medium. My normal size.

I like this top because of the two different fabrics. The front is a cute thermal material the a cute button down to a knot and the back is a thin material. It’s definitely a good transitional piece into spring. I’m wearing a size medium.

This over size top is amazing! It was my favorite and I actually brought it home. It’s super cute with jean or leggings because it’s longer in the back. It’s super casual but can easily be dressed up. I know lots of you said you like to keep it casual or stay in for valentines and this piece would also be great to that special day! My advice is to go get this top! I’m wearing the S/M.

This was probably my second favorite top I tried on! It’s a light purple, I’m sure there’s a name for the color but I can’t think of it, and it’s a light weight material. I love that you can wear it 3 different way and it can transition into spring! You can also pair this piece with white jeans. Plus, once it gets warmer you could also pair it with shorts. I’m wearing the medium.

Ok, last one! This sweater is cute and can be paired with jeans or leggings. I think the star make it super cute and can make anyone feel like a rock star! The neckline is lower than most sweaters which is nice for all the people who don’t like sweaters touching their necks. I’m wearing a medium.

Well that’s all for this try on. Benton got tired of hanging out so we had to leave. But hopefully I can do another one for y’all soon! All items are located at Dotsy’s in Wolflin Square in Amarillo. If you liked anything you see here, feel free to call and they will mail it out to you! 806-418-6195 or http://shopdotsys.com/

Have a great Thursday!



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