Let’s get your weekend shopping started! Old Navy try-on coming to you! I hit up the Old Navy in Amarillo yesterday to see if they had any cute workout clothes out that I’ve been seeing online. Unfortunately they didn’t but I did find a few others that I now definitely want! I also found a few tops and sweaters that I’ll be sharing too!

Everything in these pictures can be found at the Old Navy in Amarillo and most of it can be found online! I’m wearing a size Medium in all tops and a size 4 in the jeans. (TTS) Most everything is on sale too!!

I get credit if you purchase from my links online. You can also purchase online and do same day pickup and I will get credit for that too. I really do appreciate all of you and thank you for shopping my links!

Let’s get started!

This sweater is sooo cute and I’m in LOVE with the color! I think this sweater is forgiving and not bulky. It’s perfect with jeans or even dress pants. I paired it with these jeans from Old Navy. These jeans are ankle length with a raw hem. I folded mine up in these pictures since I have long legs and this hit above my ankle. They are also high waisted so it helps suck everything in!

This navy polka dot sweater was so cute! I found it online but not in this pattern. But the store has a bunch. This sweater is warm enough for now but also light enough to go into those awkward months before spring. This sweater comes in lots of colors and are on sale!

This top is like a long sleeve top but with is made out of fairy dust! It’s soooo soft! I could buy all the colors and wear them everyday of the week. Easy to dress up or down. I’m really liking this color because it’s easy to go into spring and you can pair it with jeans or white jeans. Even a jean skirt or shorts would be super cute!

This mustard top was super cute and it comes in another design and also black. I think this color seems to be a fan favorite so I decided to try it on. I think it brings some sunshine. This top can transition into spring paired with white denim, white dress pants or even denim shorts. I got my tts and the arm holes were just fine. I say that because I read someone thought they were to big. The back is also long enough to cover the booty. I do really like it with a denim jacket.

Can you say butter??!! This top comes in tons of solid colors and I suggest you RUN and get them all! This isn’t your ordinary short sleeve shirt. This material feels like it won’t shrink like all my other ones have. I think a simple tee is super cute paired with some distressed jeans. This top is even long enough to cover that booty!

Now we’re getting into that workout gear I was originally in there for. I love this tank because the neckline is up high! That’s good for when your doing push-ups or just because I like it. But wait! Let me tell you about these pants! These are the compression leggings they have and they are AMAZING!!! The color is great but the way these are made will make you really love them! They are so tight and definitely suck you in! Now don’t think they are to tight because they aren’t. You can still bend over and do all the workouts. These pants just hold you in and make that booty look good! I’m wearing a medium.

Same leggings but a different color! I love navy but I just don’t seem to have much of it! I really like this pretty blue top paired with it. What you might not see on the top is the writing around the neck. It’s in navy blue. Sadly I can’t find this tank anywhere on the site! But go into the store and you will see a bunch! This top is also long enough to cover that booty is you’re into that sort of thing.

Last but not least, here’s this outfit. We were in a hurry because someone was throwing a fit! (Tiredness got the best of us) I had black jeans and this same top but from Old Navy ready to try on but we ran out of time. But I did want to show you this duster cardigan paired with this outfit. (Same outfit I posted yesterday) This duster cardigan is a light grey and just makes an outfit work! I really wish I would of taken this home with me but babe was crying. Anyways I’m going to go ahead and link the Old Navy version of my top and jeans.

Well that’s it’s for this week. I had some dresses that would of been cute for showers or church but those will have to wait. If you need those ideas before I go back let me know. I totally don’t mind sending them to you!

Tomorrow’s Friday! Have a great day!



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