Jacket | Top | Jeans | Shoes

I’m going to be 100% honest with y’all. My 6 year old took this. She took 75 pictures and most of them were blurry or me coming at her telling her to stop hitting the button so much. Also 100% honest is that I’m for real about to fall asleep all day! Super tired! Benton caught me last night right before I went to bed and I fell asleep feeding him. Neither of us sleep good when we sleep together so that’s how life is right now.

Ok now to the outfit. I threw this on today because I wanted something easy and comfy. I’ve had these shoes for a while now and just recently decided to start wearing them again. Super easy and they go with tons of things. This top is the softest thing ever and I found one just like it at Old Navy. Don’t worry I felt it and it’s just as soft. Everyone needs black pants or black jeans. Not every top covers the booty and sometimes you just need pockets. And last but not least, just go get yourself a denim jacket now. Everyone needs one and you might as well get one before the good ones are gone. This one I’m wearing is GOOD! Great quality!

Ok that’s all for this outfit! Hope it brings some inspiration for a casual day!



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