First off, excuse the mess. To be able to get dressed and take these pictures I had to let BP drag everything out. Also, you get the glasses today. Just one of those days.

I’m still getting lots of feed back from a progress picture I posted a few months back. I’d love to say I’ve kept it up and have stayed with it but in all honestly I haven’t. I kind of went crazy around Christmas time and just couldn’t stop eating. I was definitely ready to hop on some challenges. Carli has one every month over on her instagram/Facebook page and BBG was starting up one in the middle of January. I’ll get to those later and put links in so you can look and see if you want to join. These help so much!

So today I am posting some progress pictures from doing the Fitnesscarli Meal Plan and BBG/walking. These three things are the same things I’ve been doing since I had Benton. I’ll be showing you the last 5 weeks plus one from June 1st. (A month after Benton.)

I want to be super clear that I am not posting these to try and talk you into doing the same programs I am. Everyone has a program or a system that works for them. I just think it’s important to be proud of ourselves and our accomplishments. YOU DO YOU GIRL!

So I started back on January 7th. I love doing challenges with a friend. I got my sister and my mom to join me this time. Unfortunately my mom backed out a few weeks into it. She joined the good o’l weight watchers. It’s always been her go to and that’s fine I guess… So with the meal plan, you have to take before pictures with a paper that says the date so you can keep track. I BELIEVE in progress pictures! That thing they call a scale doesn’t help that much. I go between 137-139 daily. ANNOYING! I might hop on it every once and a while but who cares! Anyways, the first picture is from January 7, 2019. Ya’ll! It’s not easy to post this stuff when you don’t even want to see it yourself. You know what I mean? The second picture was taken on January 29, 2019. That’s 3 weeks after the first one. The last one, taken yesterday, was taken 2 weeks after the second one.

I know I’ll get a few questions asking what I did specifically so here it is.  I promise I didn’t do anything perfect! My eating wasn’t perfect at all! I actually have not ate good in the last 2 weeks or worked out because I’ve just been enjoying my time with Brody. My workouts were not all done. I didn’t even do the whole 30 minute workouts because they were hard. I don’t like my legs to burn that way. And the baby was crying. But I’m being honest. It’s not about being skinny and looking good in a bikini this summer. It’s about feeling strong and happy! Plus, hot for my husband!

This one is June 1st. A month after Benton. Ya’ll! I’m pretty damn proud of what I’ve accomplished! I super proud of that 2 pack!! It’s just a sign to myself that shows that I can do this! I can achieve goals! I’m feeling super strong today! 

I think it’s important to feel strong and happy. I’m hoping I can keep sticking with this! I like my routine and my workouts. I seriously want to finish these two challenges! If you follow me on Instagram then follow along and see how I’m doing. If you are needing some encouragement then contact me! I love hearing from yall!



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