Hey guys! Mom and I had to run to target for some Valentines goodies and we stopped to do a try on for y’all!

I don’t know about you but I have the hardest time finding pieces at target. Sometimes I’ll see another blogger post a Target piece and think it’s so cute! That is normally how I find things there. This time, my bff sent me some pictures which sparked a fire in my search! Plus I think they just finally got some new pieces in. That always helps!

All tops and dress are a size medium. Jeans are a size 4. (My normal sizes) Make sure to shop my links! You can always order online and do same day pick up! Y’all are the best!

First up is this cute blue and white dress. I love these type of dresses because they can be paired with sandals, wedges, or converse. I’m wearing a size medium but felt like I could of gone to a small.

Next is this cute romper/jumpsuit or whatever it’s called. It comes in black and this maroon color! If you notice it stops before the ankle which makes it super cute. Great for spring and would be great for church, a shower or even work. You could pair it with a blazer and some cute heels or wedges. My mom really liked this one.

Just call me Dolly in this dress… have I mentioned that I finally wore a real bra for this try on? (If you’re new here, I’m still breastfeeding so real bras have been out of the question until now.) I had some request for work wear. I totally understand because I used to work in a place where we had to dress super professional. So here’s a dress that would be great for someone who didn’t have boobs the size of Texas! I would definitely need a safety pin for this one. Don’t get me wrong, I though it was cute! It would be cute for work, shower, or church (if you pin it)

This dress is so cute! This is one my bff got and I love it! She’s going to look amazing in it! It comes with a belt and allows you to tie it where you want. I’m wearing a size medium but could of done a small. It’s another good one for work, shower or church. The buttons work too so great for all you breastfeeding moms out here!

Y’all know I’m a big sucker for pink!! This top did not disappoint! It’s made out of that super soft material. You know, the kind that feels like a soft blanket. I think online they use the word cozy.

I paired this top with these white mid rise jeans. These jeans are great! I did the bend over test and my mom said nothing showed! They did hit right above my ankle but I have mile long legs. But these would make a great staple piece and would look cute with wedges or flats.

I’m a big sucker for this color! This top is beautiful and is a great piece to wear to work or on the weekends! Unfortunately I couldn’t find it online but they did have a few in the store!

Last but not least is this top! It was my favorite so I had to bring it home! I’ve been wanting a front tie top for a while and was so happy when I found this one! It comes in more colors and I would size up if your wanting a more over sized look. I paired it with white jeans but can easily be paired with denim shorts or white pixie pants from old navy. This top is just great all around!

Before I’m done, I want to share a pair of wedges from Target that look a lot like the treasured & bond wedge but are half the price! They come in 4 colors but these two are the ones that are mostly fully stocked!!

Well that’s it! That’s all Benton would let me do! I hope this was helpful! It’s always helpful to me to see what other people are wearing and how it fits. If you have any questions regarding this try on please send a message!




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