If you’re like me, then you don’t like to spend much on makeup. I find it frustrating when I’m out of mascara and don’t have time to run to the mall. I’ve set out to find a good drug store mascara for all of us and I think I’ve found one I really like! But better way to share then on national lash day!

I’ve also found 2 other items I’m excited to share! One helps get those amazing lashes you’ve been wanting without the lash extension!

To start off my lash routine, I’ve been using this Voluminous Primer/Base. Y’all!!! It’s a miracle worker!!! I apply it to my clean lashes top and bottom. Bottom is your choice of course but I like to. It’s lightweight and gives you that blowout effect! This one is the L’ORÉAL Paris brand #300. I believe this is the secret to it all!

Next is this mascara I’ve found! I saw another blogger (Loverly Grey) shares this last month and I had to try it! Let me say, it didn’t disappoint! I’ve been using a mascara from Sephora for 2 years now and I ran out. I’m so tired of going to the mall so I just went to Walmart and picked this sweet baby up! I apply 2 coats on the top and sometimes 2 on the bottom. It is a tad clumping the first time but after that it’s great!! Gives me the look I’ve been wanting! This mascara is the L’ORÉAL PARIS VOLUMINOUS Carbon Black! Second game changer!!

Last is my eyebrow pencil! I have the blondest eyebrows and have never filled them in. I thought if I did then I would have to start shaping them and waxing them and that’s something I didn’t want to add to my schedule. But I was wrong! Since you can’t see them I can just make them dark where I want. So I got this Ultrafine Brow Pencil from COVERGIRL. I got the Soft Blonde #720. I haven’t tried anything else so I can’t compare but this works pretty good! I would definitely recommend to any blonde!

Well those are my recent try’s for y’all! If there’s anything else you would like me to try then send the request my way! Thanks for stopping by and for sure the primer and mascara!!!



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