Happy Friday Yall!! There is nothing better than a good southern recipe!

I’ve had some great feedback from other recipes I’ve shared so I’m wanting to share one that is near and dear to my mom and I. Mostly me I think!

My Mom’s Banana Pudding is legit the best thing you will ever put in your mouth! Is it healthy? NOPE! That’s why it’s so good! My mom is always making it for family events! Even Brody’s family request it! It’s such a great dessert to share with family and friends! It’s can also be made into a great gift!

One year for Father’s Day I made the Banana Pudding and put it into these cute mason jars with some cute twine! I made it first off because I knew Brody’s Grandpa Preston loved it! It was his favorite he would always tell me! Even though I was making it for the men in the family, you couldn’t forget the amazing ladies that stood by their sides to keep them in line! (I’m sure they needed it more!)

Anywho, this recipe is one that is printed on a piece of paper and kept in the recipe drawer at my moms! I would totally take a picture of it but I think it’s best I just type it out! It’s been used many time!

Ok! You’re going to need:

1- 4oz Vanilla Instant Pudding
1- 8oz Cream Cheese
1 Box of Vanilla Wafers
1 Can of Eagle Brand Milk
1- 8oz Cool Whip
5-8 Bananas

Mix pudding according to box directions. Add eagle brand milk and beat two minutes. Add cream cheese and beat two minutes. Add cool whip and beat two more minutes.

Layer the mixture, cookies, bananas! Until all is used!

So there you have it! My Mom’s secret Banana Pudding Recipe! Tag me and send me pictures if you make it over on Instagram!! @itskarinoelle

Have a great weekend!



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