As I’ve gotten older and have had my babies, I’ve notices my skin has changed. I’ve always had some acne problems and because of this I also had some scaring. Now that I stay home with my baby, I don’t wear much makeup. I was really wanting something that worked with my moisturizer to help even out my skin tone and make my acne scaring go away.

I was recently going through Instastories and came across Thesisterstudioig and heard her talk about using Vitamin E oil with her moisturizer. I was of course skeptical because I already have oily skin and didn’t see the point in putting more oil on my face. I probably waited about a month before actually ordering it. I followed what she did and mixed it at night with my moisturizer. I would add 1-2 drops of the oil and put it all over my face (avoiding the eyes) and would move down to my neck with the extra amount on my hands. I’ve been doing this for about 3 month and LOVE the results!!

I’ve noticed that my skin is softer, less acne, feels cleaner, scaring is gone, and my skin tone seems to be getting better! All that with a few drops at night a few times a week? I’ll take it!! I even started adding it to my lotion a few times a week. I have been using it on my stretchmarks and wrinkly tummy and have been seeing a great difference! They aren’t gone and I don’t except them to ever go away, but its nice that they seem to be lighting, tightening and fading. I even added it to the lotion I used on my sunburn a few weeks ago and it helped sooo much!!

Before sharing this with you, I did some research. All this information can be found here!

Perks of Vitamin E Oil

  1. Moisturizes skin.
    • Vitamin E Oil works great as an excellent moisturizer
  2. Prevents and Relieves Sunburn
    • It’s antioxidant property works as a sun cream to help prevent sun rays from damaging skin.
    • Add Vitamin E to sunscreen to help make it more effective.
    • It’s recommended you wait about 20 minutes for lotion to take effect.
    • If using as sunburn relief on face, use 2 times a day.
  3. Clean and Tones Face
    • Makes your face feel smooth.
  4. Helps fade birthmarks (not scientifically proven) and helps remove scares.
  5. Heals chap lips and cold sores.
  6. Prevents Skin Cancer
    • Helps reduce damage caused by skin
  7. Fights wrinkles and age spots


  1. It can take time.
  2. Check for allergies
  3. Wash face with warm water
  4. Avoid Eyes

Like I said, I love Vitamin E Oil! I am not an oil person but I am a believer in this product. I didn’t see big results for at least 2 weeks but it was worth the wait. If you end up trying it, let me know! Message me on Instagram (@itskarinoelle) or comment below!

Have a great rest of the week yall!



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