I went to bed last night with a semi clean house and was ready to take on my Monday. Well that’s always how it starts out… the “I’m going to get it all done tomorrow” thought. But my mom always tells me “if you go to bed with a clean house, you will wake in a better mood.” So that’s how this Monday started.

Both under $20!

I woke up this morning at 7:30 to a little boy who was ready to get out of his crib and eat! After he ate we laid in bed and annoyed Brody for a while till he woke up and then the next hour consist of bugging sister and running back to jump in bed with us. I’m definitely not complaining because I love almost every minute of it. But this morning I was needing a little extra guidance. Whenever I need a little more motivation in getting something done, I normally turn to Pinterest or Instagram. (Pinterest=Kari Hollis Instagram=Itskarinoelle) Today I turned to Pinterest. I thrive off of list! If I don’t write down what’s in my head then it won’t all get done. Anyone else? I call this new way of life, #momlife! Anyways, I have a folder called house management on my Pinterest where I like to save things that help keep my house put together (for 5 minutes until the kids walk in). One thing I have saved that I like to look at is a simple list that tells me what rooms to clean and what to clean in those rooms and on what day. It’s helps sooo much! So today is Bedrooms. Change the sheets, dust and polish furniture and wash sheets. Easy enough right? I think so! So that’s my goal today!! I always try and set a goal for the day. It’s normally finish the laundry or do the dishes. But this list seems to keep me on track for the week.

But I know you’re still wondering how I start off my Monday. So here’s what my schedule looks like.

Obviously wake up. I’m definitely not a morning person so it takes some time. Once I get up I automatically get ready for the my workout. That includes washing my face (always wash your face) putting my contacts in and brushing my teeth. I normally throw my hair in a ponytail since I’m going to work out. Once I’m up I make the fitness Carli green smoothy. I’ve gotten so many questions about what I put in it and it’s sooo simple. Frozen spinach, a few chunks of frozen pineapple and water. Then blend. The real recipe calls for half a banana but I use pineapple for the sweetness. It will take about a week to get use to but it helps you debloat and fuels your body with greens. Then when Benton goes down for a nap, I’ll get at least a 30 minute walk in on my treadmill then do leg day using the SWEAT App which is BBG. Then after that is when I’ll eat breakfast (normally one egg and 2 egg whites on an English muffin). Thats my morning and that’s how I try and get every day started. After all that is when I will change the sheets or vacuum or whatever else needs to get done.

I don’t know about you, but I am a way nicer person when I get my workout in. I’m pretty sure Mike Fisher said the same thing about Carrie Underwood not long ago.

“Exercise gives you endorphinsendorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!” -Legally Blonde

I won’t lie, some days don’t look like that and I know some of you go to work everyday and your schedules look a little different. Been there. So I understand if this isn’t helpful for you. But to me, structure is key for my kids and for me. I have to have some form of list and structure to get stuff done.

I hope y’all have a good and accomplished Monday!



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