This week is kinda funny to me. I didn’t realize it was National Breastfeeding week until I saw some moms posting about it. I felt like it was time to come out and let everyone know what’s been going on with mine and Benton’s “journey”.

With Brookelyn 7 years ago, I was 20 and no one around me really had kids. I didn’t follow any bloggers back then and sure didn’t research it. I had one friend who had a baby a few months before me and she helped me with a few things. It was super awkward and uncomfortable. I was working full-time and going to school full-time so I didn’t really stress on it. The only thing that made me want to try was to save money on formula. We were BROKE at the time! I’m pretty sure I was starving her at about 3 months and that’s when we both said forget this! She cut me off!

Fast forward 6 years and I’m a stay at home mom just living the Princess Life (my husband thinks) and I’m excited for baby #2! I really wanted to try my hand at it and tried to follow all the steps to keep my milk supply up and to keep him wanting me and not a bottle. Many mistakes were made and we ended up exclusively breastfeeding! He wouldn’t take a bottle for nothing. Of course I loved it because that meant he wanted me always! I was his #1 person. Well I loved it till Brody wanted to go on a date and we had to go back ever 3 hours to feed him. Brody and I talked about it some during the year and my personal goal was to make it to 9 months. 9 months came and Benton was still all in. During this time one boob gave up and so I was off balance from then on out. 11 months came and I told Brody I was sooo over it! 1 months to go and then we were moving on to cow milk! Well that month came and I expected Benton’s doctor to tell me it was time to stop and how to stop. Well she didn’t. It freaked me out. We started introducing Benton to milk and I was only breastfeeding 2 times day. Morning and Night. Luckily I googled how to stop and that’s what took out the middle feeding. By the time June came I knew I didn’t want to be feeding him before bed at my sisters house. That would be so weird. So we worked really hard and that’s what made the night feeding go away. Well until he started waking up in the middle of the night again. Then it was just easy to feed him and we both fall asleep in my bed. When July came and we decided to go camping that’s when I looked at Bro and said it was time! So when we got home from our trip I started trying to quit. It was sooooo hard! I definitely caved everyday for the first week.

This week, as in National Breastfeeding week, is the week I have officially cut him off. Poor little boy!!! He doesn’t get to participate in his week. How is this going? Well he wakes up around 7:30 now and cries. Since I can’t feed him, we get up at 7:30 and make him breakfast and give him a sippy cut of milk. He’s pretty happy once he starts eating but if I don’t feed him fast enough then his day is ruined!!! Or more like his morning is ruined. He’s sooo dramatic. But I am so happy with my decision on stopping. I personally don’t want to feel like a cow anymore. Benton turned 15 months yesterday and to me, it was time.

I loved being able to feed my baby. Not only was it cheap but it was our time together. I think now he will forever be a mama’s boy! And I hope that I am forever his favorite!

Things That Helped Keep My Supply UP

This was always a big question. I followed the Fitness Carli Meal Plan. It’s not restricting which I love and it fueled my body with veggies and tons of nutrients. I defining saw a big difference when I ate spinach. Do I like spinach? NOPE. But my milk would be better and he would grow so much when I would eat it everyday. Ice cream was another. I did eat it a lot but when I did it helped a bunch. I highly recommend trying that meal plan or just eating the right calorie count to keep it up and watching what you fuel your body with.

Thank you for stopping in and reading how our journey went!! I’m definitely not against formula! I gave it to my oldest! I just chose to try and breastfeed Benton because its something I wanted to try. Also, if you’re giving yourself a hard time because its hard and not going the way you thought, don’t!!! My one message to you is that you got this! Do what is best for you and your baby!



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