Hey y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve been working the blog side. I deeply apologize! But tonight I wanted to share our fall bucket list that we’ve been working on.

Do you and your family have any fall traditions y’all do every year? We are still making our traditions but one we always do it go to the small pumpkin “patch” that’s in a parking lot outside of a local greenhouse. Brookelyn loves every bit of it! But this year I wanted to start decorating my front porch. My mom has always been a big decorator since before I was born. I wanted to bring that memory to my house so we hit up the greenhouse to check out the mums!

We also had to take a second trip to the pumpkin patch because Benton needed a second pumpkin.

We added in a family hike in Palo Duro Canyon on a nice 80 degree day. Benton is on Bro’s back.

We did hit up a homecoming tailgate but we also got to watch our girl cheer at a football game!

My mom brings B pumpkin donuts every year. I had a bite.

This was from our first trip to the pumpkin patch.

The kids had a blast picking out pumpkins! We couldn’t keep benton off the big ones.

Fall always gets me in the mood for baking. My favorite right now is this banana bread! It is so good!! This loaf was gone in a day. B and I tried pumpkin bread but it didn’t turn out that good.

B has made her own say in the fall traditions and now we have been having Friday night movie night. This past Friday was Scooby Do and we even made Scooby Do cookies! Of course we had to add in ice cream, chocolate and sprinkles. Don’t worry. Benton ate most of mine.

Tonight I started the fire place and turned on the Hallmark channel. This girl couldn’t be more ready for Christmas!

You still technically have a few weeks left to finish your fall bucket list so don’t let these weeks fly by too fast!



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