Here is the first gift guide of the season! I made this one based on things that Brookelyn (she’s 7 years old) has received within the last year. Some things are more stocking stuffers and some are more actual gift ideas.

[I am listing all items below but you can also shop them in the app]

Skates: B got these skates last Christmas and it has been a favorite of hers! She skated all summer and into the fall. She has definitely come a long ways and has gotten so much better!

Headphones: These amazon headphones were another gift from last Christmas. She used them when she watches the iPad around the house or in the car. These work very well! She has never complained of not being able to hear in these.

Bracelets: What girl doesn’t enjoy a few pieces of fun jewelry? B has several fun things like this and loves to wear them around the house and out and about!

Helmet: Can’t forget about safety first! When b got her skates, she also got a helmet and kneepads! This adds another thing to open but also something they need!

Rain boots: B has always loved a pair of rain boots! You can add a fun rain jacket or umbrella to the gift to make it something special!

Chapstick: This is always a good stocking stuffer! This one is candy flavors but of course they make tons of others!

Brush: This is our favorite brush! We love this brush and it comes in other colors! This would be a fun stocking stuffer also!

Bathbomb: I’m not a pro at these. B is just now interested in them but they are so fun and so cool for kids and moms! Theres so many out there that do different things! It’s something fun to add to bath time.

Walkie Talkies: What kids doesn’t love walkie talkies?! I wish we would have had these when we went camping! This is also something fun to have when friends come over! It will entertain them for days.

Swell Water Bottle: B has ones of these and we love it! It does help keep her drinks cold and they won’t spill in a bag! They come in lots of fun colors!

Electric Toothbrush: B got one last Christmas (same brand) and it works so well! She was so excited when she opened it and so was I! This one comes in different colors too!

Socks: Socks are always a good thing! I don’t know about your kids but mine go through socks like crazy! I don’t understand how one goes missing just after opening a pack. B loves all the cute sock!

Scooter: This basic scooter has been a favorite around here! We have 2! One for B and one for me or Brody. We love racing and seeing all her tricks. These come in different colors.

Watch: B got a V Tech Watch last year. I can’t believe how high tech our kids are these days. These watches can do so much! She has to much fun with this one! She has the purple one.

Beanie: We all love a good beanie and so do our kids. This one is so cute and comes in other colors! Hats, scarves and mittens are a great and fun gift! They will thank you later!

Warm Boots: I have been looking for a good pair of warm boots for b. I wanted one that was made very well and had a hard sole. This pair made from the Ugg brand but half the price. These have great reviews and I will be ordering a pair for b. Tall and Short linked.

Camera: This is an Instant Camera which kids find pretty cool! Have help documenting Christmas Day! This comes in several colors!

Sunglasses: What girl doesn’t like a good pair of sunglasses? I know I do and have for a long time! I love these heart ones!

Lastly the swing: B got this swing last year and OMG it’s pretty cool. It is very durable and so much fun! If you don’t have one, get one! Build something to hang it from if you don’t have a tree. It’s so cool!

Well that’s it for the first one! Stay tuned because there’s many more coming!



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