As a Stay At Home Mom I am constantly in workout gear or sweatpants. When you hear me say sweatpants, do you think of those big over size things that make your bootie look saggy, almost like you have lived in those things for weeks? Yeah, that’s not what I’m talking about…

These Joggers

If I’m going to be wearing sweatpants, I at least want them to look good and be comfy! A few years ago I heard a quote that has stuck with me all these years. Dress for the job/life you want. (or something like that) If you saw me most days, you would think I’m in the business of being a fitness instructor hahaha. I’m telling y’all, I live in my workout gear!

So here’s my top pick of sweatpants to feeling confident and good about yourself! To be honest, I’m more into the jogger trend. All of these joggers would make great gifts! Trust me, that girl will love you forever!

I’ve put together my top picks and all are $60 or under! Most are on sale. Starting at top left.

1: This Old Navy pair comes in other colors and has matching sweatshirts.

2. These Nike Sweatpants are a soft cotton material. It’s the vintage style and is currently on sale!

3. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Aerie but their reputation is all about the cozy and soft clothing they sell. These come in other colors too and will not disappoint!

4. Adidas joggers are currently on sale and are a little less than the Nike ones. This material will be more sporty and great for workouts!

5. Dropping down to the bottom light grey pair. These are Abercrombie and everyone who has these raves about how soft they are. These are high waisted.

6. Have you heard of foldover joggers? I haven’t but I like the way these looks. They even have pockets. I would probably wear these more at home or as pajamas when I’m on a trip with other people.

7. Another pair of Nike joggers? Yes! But more of the sporty material and look I was talking about. I have a pair of these but they are last years version. They don’t have the cool stripe down the side like these and now I’m thinking I need these! That strip is pretty cool!

8. Lastly, these Adidas track pants. The legs on these go straight down instead of cuffing around the ankle. Some people prefer that over joggers.

So there’s my top picks for this season “sweatpants”! Most of them I would wear out to run around in and at home with my kids. You can’t beat a good sweatpant or jogger that still makes you feel good and comfy all at the same time.

Well, stay warm and comfy y’all!



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