Happy Week before Thanksgiving! I’m sure everyone is just like us and everyone is starting up in the busy season of life before the New Year! I thought I’d give a big recap of everything that happened last week including what we are doing this week and my top sellers for this whole month so far!

Last Monday, my sweet B Girl had surgery. She had tubs put in and her adenoids and tonsils removed. You bet this mama googled and Pinterest all the info about this and what I could do to help. I won’t lie, I was very nervous about the recovery process but she seems to be thriving and ready to all the food and exercise! She has had some pain but not as bad as I thought she would. We have already been able to see a difference in her. She can finally hear us and things like the heater, she is breathing better and her voice even sounds different. I dropped her off at school today and went and checked on her at lunch, she is doing great and can’t wait till she can play at recess.

Last week I released a small gift guide for girls B’s age. She helped. She told me all the things she has and loves and we added that onto this guide. You can check out the whole blog post here and everything is linked in it!

There was also an Old Navy Try On last week that everyone seemed to love! Most all the things in the try on would be so cute for your Thanksgiving outfit! They are still currently having a 40% off everything! You can find that try on here!

I had a request for my favorite sweatpants so I did a short guide on that! If you know me, then you know I have always lived in workout clothes. I even wanted to be a coach just to wear all the sweatpants and shorts. I rounded up my top picks for this year and wish everyone was in my closet! You can find that guide here!

Brody also started Cotton Harvest last week. He’s ready to have all this cotton stripped so he can head to the mountains. This year has been a challenging one and I think we’re just ready for a break. I went by there today to see the progress and it looks like they were ready to move on to the next field.

 This top from Amazon is under $20 and has been a best seller for 2 weeks! There are lots of options but this one seems to be everyones favorite! TTS and great with leggings.

  This wine glasses are gorgeous and there’s no mistaken why they are yalls favorite! Look at the Copper detail! Great gift idea!

 This vest is part of my Old Navy Try On. Between my mom and I we have almost all the colors! Very great vest and TTS.

 I think AirPods are going to be a top gift this year! Add this case cover to their stockings to keep the fun going! Great for kids who are in school and travel with other kids places!

 This weighted blanket comes in several weight sizes and has 5 star reviews! Some weights are marked down!

 My bestie beat me to these boots and just got them in! I can’t wait to see them on her and get a pair myself! I love the light color and the fur around the top!

 This blanket has been a best seller for me for 2 months now! I bought the smaller size for my living room couch and let me tell you, its amazing! Brody and I fight over it all the time! This would be a great gift options.

 Lastly is this basketball goal! Its going to be a great quality gift and I love the personalization! Several of my girlfriend have bought this for their kids and I can’t wait till Benton gets older to get him one! What a fun and cool gift!


You can find all my links plus everything I post here!


Well that’s a wrap for last week! I will be working hard on getting more gift guided together and putting together all the information for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Please check back for all those details! 

And again, I really appreciate everyone for shopping through my links this holiday season! Y’all are truly the best!

Have a great week!



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