Y’all! Brookelyn’s wanting a big girl room for Christmas. Now, I’m not ready for her to been a teen and all grown up, but I totally get it. I went to the site I know best for all the big girl things. Of course I stumbled on these items and thought they would be perfect for any teen girl! (Note, B is only 7. She will not be getting half of these items yet)

First lets start with the robes! This retailer has some of the best things! Great quality items! Thats how I know all these pieces are going to be so good! I love a cozy robe! I actually got B a robe for Christmas last year! She loves it! She feels just like me when she wears it! This robe run xs/small and medium/large. It comes in several colors! Heres another option.

Next is this lap desk! Again, I got B a lap desk last year because she is always sitting/laying on the floor coloring or doing some type of art something. This has been one of the best gifts! I like this one because of the cushion part! I love a good sherpa anything and this one comes in other colors! I also found this one! The top slides out so you can store things inside!! How cool! Heres another option.

The toiletry roll is such a cool idea! You an store so much in just that roll plus it packs nice! I think this is good for kids who travel but also for gym bags! Heres another option. 

Key Chain Phone Charger! You know your teen is always on her phone talking to all the friends! Why not add this to her stocking? I love the fringe and the initial on the heart! This is really fun!

Jewelry Pouch! As girls get older, they start to wear more jewelry! They also start to spend the night at friends houses or play sports! This is a great gift for all those jewelry lovers! Get 2 and keep one in the gym bag! Heres another option.

Travel Bags are pretty cool! I got B one a while back from this retailer and it still looks brand new! Perfect for all the traveling or just going to grandmas. I love how this retailers has cute luggage that matches! Some you can even monogram!

Fun and cozy chair for a room is like the coolest thing for a teen! I had something similar and it was a fun place to sit back and relax! I even did homework on it sometimes… hahaha more like watched movies and talked on the phone. All my friends loved it though!

You can never have enough cozy blankets! These are super cute because of the balls around it. I love how there are so many colors to pick from!

Lastly is the Jewelry Box! What girl doesn’t love a fun place to keep her jewelry? I had one and I can’t wait to get b one when she gets bigger! I love all the different compartments in this one!

So these were some fun gift ideas for the sweet teen in your life! It’s always fun the older they get but I know it also get harder to buy! Most all of these items are on sale too! Grab them before the sale ends!

Happy Shopping!



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