Today I woke up with a sore booty! It felt so good! I got up and got b ready for school and the whole time I just felt so good about myself. I’ve been back on my workout plan and doing really good. Probably the best since I had BP.

After B left for school, I started getting down on myself. I decided to do something I knew not to do. I got on the scale. For a few minutes I was so mad at myself. Yes, I choose to make those donuts and I choose to eat them on Sunday. I choose to eat some of the party pack from Taco Bell my husband brought home for the football game. Why did I do that?! I was so mad. That one day was starting to ruin my motivation and that one decision to get on the scale was starting to bring me down!

After putting BP down for his nap, I decided to go put my workout clothes on and get to work. As I was putting my shorts on, I looked in the mirror at my small booty that I’ve always had. That booty was standing straight up today saying hey girl! It made me think of all those squats and lunges I’ve done the past 2 weeks and in that moment, I decided to be proud of myself. I was so proud that I completed all those workouts! Then I thought about my eating habits the last few months. I’ve done so good! Last night I ate that stinking chicken! I would of rather had a hamburger of course, but we ate the chicken and green beans! It was so good.

I decided to change my way of thinking in that moment and be proud of everything I’ve done in the last few weeks and to be happy I lived in the moment with my family on Sunday. Don’t get down on yourself if you mess up. You aren’t done forever. Get back on that horse and dominate today! You get to pick your happiness and what you ate one day or a scale should not change it. Be proud of yourself!

I hope this was some motivation for you. I know stats show that this is the week most people stop working out. Most people don’t see a physical change on the outside and decide what’s the point… It always takes at least 4 weeks for me to see a small change on the outside, 7 weeks for me to see a big difference but only one week to feel a difference. This week I am feeling proud and stronger! Set realistic goals. Take a picture and see the difference later. You are always stronger than you think.

To also motivate you, I went by Old Navy and did a fun active wear try on! If you know me then you know I’m always in my workout gear! I literally live in this stuff! And I have to admit, I was honestly surprised by how much I loved everything I tried on!

I will say the motto leggings and sports bra was probably my all time favs and then those joggers were AMAZING! They have the word breathable in the title! You know they’re good! Everything will be linked under each pictures with sizing info!

Top, leggings, both medium Shoes tts

Top, Best leggings (super compression) both medium
Top, Breathable Joggers (amazing) Medium top and small bottom
Top, Leggings
Top, Similar Top, Leggings both are medium
I was so surprised at how comfortable these leggings were! I honestly didn’t want to take them off.

Get it girl!!



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