Hey y’all! I hope you’re having a great summer! We are having a blast over here at the Hollis House! But it wasn’t all fun and games the first week or two. We definitely had a rough start!

We actually ended the school year on a win! We finally figured out a schedule that worked great for b and I. We would do school in the morning and play and having fun in the afternoon. When all that ended, chaos hit! I knew we needed something and doing school throughout the summer was the first thing to came to mind (just because everything went smooth while we did school). But then I thought, would doing school throughout the summer be a bad thing? In all honesty, B didn’t end at the reading level I wanted her to end, her math wasn’t where it needed to be, and her writing needed a lot of work! Moving onto 2nd grade in the fall is going to be hard for her so I thought, why not work on that stuff now? So that’s what we are doing!!

I sat down one day and wrote out a detailed schedule for us. It included all the things she loves plus school work! This schedule was a game changer! At first she wasn’t on board, but after doing it for a day and realizing that it wasn’t “school” like she thought it was, she loves it!

This isn’t anything fancy and I’m definitely not a Pinterst mom, but this gets the job done! Also, my house has never been cleaner!

Of course this works for us but may not work for you! And sometimes our plans change and we have to run to town. So don’t go crazy with this.

B being 7, I want her to starting doing more things like making her bed and cleaning up at night. Things you would think a 7 year old did already. She also can stay in her jammies all day so adding getting dresses was a big one.

We like to start our actual day around 9. By this time I’ve had coffee and I’ve had time to ready and feed the kids. This just works for us. I’ve heard lots of friends saying 2nd grade has a lot of writing. Working with b the last 6 weeks of school, I know she isn’t the strongest at writing. This was big deal for me to add to our routine. Of course I wanted to make it fun so we are writing letters to family and friends. This is teaching her so much!! I have her write no less than 3 or 4 sentences then she can draw a picture of what she wrote. I’m hoping our family and friends will write her back and that will encourage her to keep writing. Reading is another big deal for us. I have pushed the teacher and b all year to keep up with the rest of the class. Even though it was annoying it helped. She definitely grew so much in the last 6 weeks I had her at home because mama doesn’t accept anything less! So of course I knew she needed to continue her reading throughout the summer! This is such a big deal! Kids that don’t read in the summer can drop several reading levels! So now we read alone, FaceTime a family member, read to her brother or read to me for 20 mins a day! She is doing so good!

Between 10:00-12:00 I let her get on the computer. All the programs she gets on are educational. She is not allowed on youtube or anything else. (Thats a choice we have decided on, and of course it’s all up to you.) She is allowed on Epic or Raz Kids for a bit then will jump over to ABC Mouse. She actually enjoys these so it’s not school to her which is a mom win. Then when brother goes down for nap, she goes out and waters the plants and our garden. She will sometimes jump on the trampoline for a bit or ride her bike around. She loves being outside. After I get my workout in, we will either move to art or science. We trade off each day. These are her two favorite things!! We use these two books (Science & Art) I got from my Usborne order a month ago! I’m so glad I got these! Linking my girl, Mika here! She is an amazing consultant and is about to start her summer reading program! Don’t worry, I’ll be posting what all we have done weekly too! So now on to math, we having done anything for this yet but I’ll be finding some things, like baking, worksheets, hopscotch, jump rope, and etc. Making it fun is what matters!

12:00-1:30 is down time. BP is normally still napping around this time or just waking up. B will normally eat, watch tv or play. Sometimes she’s still doing art or science or anything that she doesn’t want her brother doing hahaha.

1:30-3:30 is our outside time. I know it’s normally really hot at that time but it’s was works in our schedule. We have a huge covered patio and our pool and water table has shade from a tree. We normally will swim or jump on the trampoline with a water hose. This is a good time for an afternoon snack. I normally do popsicles or frozen fruit and the kids love it so much!

3:30-6:00 is when we come inside and change our clothes, turn a movie on and chill. Around 5 or 5:30 I normally start dinner so that way were eating around 6 or 6:30. Around 6:45 I start having them clean up. I know that sounds early but these two kids make the biggest mess! They clean each of their rooms, the living room and the office/play room. Thats a lot of cleaning but once they are done, we get to turn on the robot vacuum. [We got this vacuum last week and it is a life saver! I’m so glad I finally pulled the trigger!]

Around 7 we normally do bath time for both, brush teeth then go to bed. This take up the whole hour! Then at 8 it’s bed time!! They both go to bed at 8 and this helps them not be so cranky and helps mama not lose her mind!

I know this sounds like a lot and very detailed but man, it is helpful! There are less fits, less mess, less attitudes and more spending time together! I also glad I made this and definitely encourage you to make a fun schedule of your own!

Have a great summer y’all! Stay tuned for our weekly activities post!



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