Summer’s here, but school isn’t stopping for us! After homeschooling for the last 6 weeks of school, I realized that I can still carry a little bit of that over to summer! I recently purchased some new books from my Usborne consultant (she’s sooo good!) and in that order was a science experiment book and an art book. B girl loves science and art so much! She’s constantly doing projects on her own which sometimes leads to a big mess. I thought it would be super fun this summer to do a few out of each book a week! She is loving this so far. BP is even joining in on some!

Each week, I’ve planned out one activity to do daily. So last week was Science on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Art on Tuesday and Thursday. This week it’s supposed to be Art Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Science Tuesday and Thursday. Someday we get busy or go to town and it doesn’t get done or sometimes we carry over art to the next day. It doesn’t have to go as planned but it just has to be fun and semi educational.

On Monday we did a science experiment over density. Does she remember anything I read her? Nope. But she will remember all the ingredients she put into this cut.

Half water, a few drops of food dye, some veggie oil then add dawn dish soap.

The dish soap went straight to the bottom taking the oil with it. But since the oil was less dense, it rose back up to top!

They thought it was the coolest thing!!

After that, I let her stir it all up to see what would happen. She loved it!

B is an artist. I love that she is constantly doing art but I want her to learn different things about it. This art book is the bomb

I bought these small little paints and brushes at the grocery store during all that quarantine time. 

(commission links)

So I really wanted to challenge B. She’s very artistic but she uses dark colors and a lot of scribbling. There is a picture of a desert in this art book so I told her she needed to paint this exact picture and if she need different colors (like brown) then she would need to figure out how to create it. 

Let me just say that we are all very impressed with how great she did! I knew she could do it but she did way better then I thought! She took her time and even let some of it dry over night before painting on top. 

The picture.

Her painting. Remember she’s still 7. BP (my 2 year old) also did a painting. He had to stop once he started trying to lick the paint. 

Now that she painting and loving it, I plan on buying a nice size frame for her room to display her art in! We might need more than one at our rate. 

*Not pictured, on Wednesday we made paper air planes and had flying contest. That part was fun! We ended up having to go to town Thursday and Friday so we didn’t get to the other activities. 

Every day, B has asked what art or science activity we are doing that day. This is something she looks forward to doing and doing it together and sometimes with BP has been so fun! I can’t wait to show you what all we do! 

I plan on posting weekly about what activities we have done each week here on the blog! So keep checking back and follow along! This week is looking a little different because of our trip but we are still learning. 

Looking for things to do with your children? Pinterest has some good activities! I’ve been pinning a few other there! Check out my Pinterest Board here! You can also purchase the books we have here! Science and Art! In case these sell out, there are tons of other science and art books on their site! 


Thank you for stopping by y’all! I hope this gives you some ideas of fun ways to keep learning throughout the summer!



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