Farm Life Update

Hey y’all! It’s been about 2 months since I last posted on here. I thoughts I’d get on and share a few things we did over the summer, house updates and a farm update!

It’s been a hot minute over there since I was on but we have been living our best life over here trying to enjoy the summer. The kids have had a few sleepovers with the grands, we’ve spent many weekends on the lake, got a stock tank pool, went on a fun trip to Fort Worth to see family and spent many hours on the farm! It’s been a fun Spring Break/Summer! Also, check out our watermelon from our garden! I finally feel like a true farmer!

House update! We have been in our farmhouse for almost 4 years now!! WHAT?!! It’s taken 4 years to get my inspiration for this house but it’s starting to come together and I couldn’t be more excited! I started my vision in June and have done a few things so far. Ok, more like two things but they made a big change to the house! I love light and airy but I also love color! My goal is to make this house feel bigger with light and airy but add in some beautiful color throughout the house!

Our hallways needed a major refresh! If you follow on Instagram, you saw the before! Yikes! It was dark! Painting the cabinets helped so much and adding these fun pulls just updated it so much! I also had some fun colorful pictures!

Next up, FARM UPDATE! Honestly, the wheat wasn’t the best this year. We haven’t gotten any rain and if we did, it wasn’t enough or at the right time. #farmlife. Wheat around here is a winter crop that Brody starts to harvest in June. So not enough snow or rain and we had to plant late because of no moisture so no cattle grazing either. Not much fun. Brody did plant some milo and cotton back in May and our awesome God has provided rain on one place with Milo. So we have 2/3 of that field in milo now. The other was wheat. As Brody says, it’s kicking ass and we couldn’t be more grateful! We also have one place of dry land cotton and one irrigated place with cotton. Somehow the dry land is still hanging in there with literally no rain. Our irrigated cotton looks AMAZING! We (Brody) have tried for 3 years to get that place in shape and its finally looking good! YAY! Heres a picture of B and I from June when it was just coming up!

Wow this was back in the first of June!

And this is from this week! Cotton is so pretty!

Isn’t he so cute?! Future Farmer y’all!

Well that’s all for now. School starts in 2 weeks from today so we are going to be enjoying every last bit of it while we can! Big News coming tomorrow!


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