SURPRISE!! Sharing the news here first! Baby Hollis #3 is on the way!!

We couldn’t be more excited to be adding another baby to our little family! Of course the kids are excited or at least Brookelyn is. (Benton doesn’t get it) When we told them, she said she had been praying for another sister. If you’ve been around for a while then you might remember her praying for a little brother three years ago. Then we found out we were having Benton. I love that this girl prays and has a good relationship with God, but I think after this one we need to start praying for something else. hahah. 

I know the big question is are we finding out. The answer is NO! According to Brody this is the last baby so let’s all be surprised! I love it! I know it will be hard to not know but I think it will make April so much sweeter! 

And if you’re wondering why Brody’s not in any of the announcement pictures, let’s just say #farmlife. Trying to work around two different crop harvest in two different towns meant he could only make a few pictures but he’s here and he’s excited now!

I’m so glad I finally got to tell y’all! It was getting hard to keep the secret at this point! I’ll be 17 weeks on Wednesday and this bump is out! I also think this baby is the most active one so far but that could all change. The first trimester was a little ruff but chasing Benton around somewhat helped. And ever since I started feeling better, all I really want is meat and potatoes. Definitely can’t wait for those Pioneer Woman mash potatoes on Thanksgiving! If you haven’t ever made them, I highly recommend them! You can even make them ahead of time. Anyways, I’m so excited to share the next few months with y’all so keep checking back! 

Love the big balloon?! I partnered up with Mod Balloons of Amarillo and did they deliver or what?! I sent them a picture of my dress and what colors I was going for and they came up with this beauty! I just told them what I wanted it to say and they had it ready the day of! And those tassels! It just turned out so perfect! I highly recommend them for your any event or balloon need you may have! You can click on the link to their website or check them out on instagram! Their arches are beautiful too! They really go all out! You can rent out the bounce house, order a back drop, request a delivery and so much more! Plus Alyssa and Kat are so sweet and easy to work with! I don’t know how many times our picture date changed or I changed the wording. They definitely are the best! 


Well that’s all for now! Thank you for stopping by and celebrating with us! 


Dress || My Boots || B’s Dress || B’s Booties || BP Pullover || BP Jeans || Brody’s shirt is old. 


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