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Looking for a fun new hair style or something fun to do with your mini me? I shared this Revlon 3 Barrel Jumbo Waver the other day on Instagram and y’all loved it!! I said I would write out full review on the blog Friday so here we are! As you can see from the pictures it came out looking so great! B is loved it! 

I started seeing this wavy hair trend on Instagram and instantly loved it! Luckily I found this Revlon one for $30! (Comes and goes on Prime) So worth it! It was a great surprise for b when she got home and it gives some great volume! She calls it her mermaid hair and I’m seeing a boost of confidence! 

The heat settings goes from 0-30. It tells you on the box what heat to pick based on your hair. B and I have pretty thick hair so we found that the heat settings between 25-30 worked best for us. It also takes about 5 mins to heat up. I found if I turned it on and got my make up and clothes on then it would be heated up and ready. With Brookelyn I would separate her hair into 2 sections and mine into 3 sections. I don’t brush them out like I would my curls, I will run my fingers through just to style it better. 

I’m guessing most of the questions are does it stay? I think that depends on your personal hair and the products you use. I will say I think it curled better when my hair was already straight and not frizzy. I found it lasted all day and the next morning I could tell I would need to go over it again some but I nothing different then when I curl my hair with a curling iron. 

This would make a fun Christmas gift idea or a fun way to wear your hair for the holidays!

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This is a commissioned link and I’m very thankful y’all shop through my links! It means the world to us! 

Thank you so much for stopping by! This review was not sponsored in any way. Just a mom sharing something fun! 

Have a great weekend!



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