I can’t believe we are in the last trimester with my last baby! Today I’m 30 weeks and as of two weeks ago, I was measuring for a 8.5-9lb baby. We weren’t surprised. Brody was almost 10lbs (he tells me) and my last baby was 8.4lbs. B (my first) was an ounce off from being 8lbs. I guess we just have big babies around here.

I’ve had some questions lately so I thought I’d hop on here and do a blog post talking about this pregnancy. The #1 question being what are we having?!! – We have no idea! We are not finding out with this one till the end! #2 question is WHY?! and HOW?! Well, first this baby wasn’t planned. We had always talked about having 3 but after having a boy and a girl, Brody felt like he was done. I was actually just coming to terms that we would be a family of 4 forever (with some dogs) when I found out I was pregnant. We both decided that since this was a surprise already and we already had a boy and girl, we wanted to wait to find out! How can we do this?! Well Brody is very busy with farming and growing the farm and I’m busy with both kids now that it really doesn’t cross our minds. B thinks it’s a girl and BP thinks it’s a boy. We just call it baby.

Now on to the names. Are we sticking with B names? It was never our intentions to have B names to begin with. I always loved the name Brookelyn (since I was in 6th grade) and Benton is my grandfathers name. Brody is convinces that we will name this child Brody no matter boy or girl. (eye roll) We will see. We definitely have nothing set for either boy or girl and we probably should sit down and talk about that since we have around 10 weeks left. I’m good with not a b name.

What diet am I doing during this pregnancy? I am eating pretty healthy for the most part. I’ve had a “fall off the wagon” meal plan the last few weeks but I’m back on track. I’m trying to fill my body with as much good foods as I can to hopefully pass some goodness to the baby. Now do I love a cheese burger? YES! Do I love sweets? YES! I still add those in just like I would not being pregnant. I will say that I have some goals for the next 10 weeks so I am working on staying focus on those. I’ll get more into that maybe next week, but for now I know that I am running out of room so I’m eating more fruit, veggies and lean meats. I am eating carbs like breads but just not as much because those cause me to be more uncomfortable and I can’t breath. I’m working on walking daily and stretching. I’m also working hard on drinking at least half my body weight in water daily. All these things help me feel my best and help me to continue being a good and active mom to my other two babes. That’s important to me.

How are we doing the room since we aren’t finding out? We aren’t. We live in a 3 bedroom house so this baby will room with BP. We feel like B is too old to share a room with a baby or toddler and will soon appreciate her own space so well just room up the little babes for now.

What clothes am I living in? Well if you look at my instagram… I’m living in leggings and oversized sweatshirts right now. I haven’t invested in any maternity jeans this go around partly because I’m just always home and leggings are more comfy. I’m still currently in a size medium legging and large tops. This bump is definitely my biggest bump yet.

Last one I’m covering for now. Are we having to get a bigger car? Yes, we did. I went back and forth for months on this and we finally decided that the bigger the better around here. (TEXAS peps of course) We went with the Yukon XL. It’s bad ass and we love it!

Well here’s to week 30! 10 weeks or less to go. I haven’t bought anything as in carseat or going home outfits so that’s on the agenda for the next few weeks. I’d love yall’s input on carseats! Comment or head over to instagram and shoot me a message!  Thanks for following along during this pregnancy!



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