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If you’ve been around awhile you know I love a good workout and eating a pretty healthy diet. This is my third and last pregnancy. It’s been different then the other two for sure but my goals for this one isn’t any different then the last. I know that I feel better when I do a small workout. Am I still doing my HITT workouts? NOPE! I’ve changed it up quit a bit.

Since it’s been cold outside, I’ve tried to get at least 3-5 days of walking on the treadmill. I’m going to be honest, this doesn’t always happen. Somedays my body is like NO Girl. I’m a big believer in listening to our bodies especially during this time in life. (I did talk to my doctor before doing anything and recommend you do the same)

When I walk, I like to hop on and turn on a show on the iPad. Somethings they are 30 mins and sometimes they are an hour. This gives me enough time to get a mile to 2 miles in. Of course I’m always hoping off to check on a crazy 2 year old who is normally working on his tractors or watching a TV Show but this gets it done. I always seem to feel better and more productive throughout the day when I do this in the morning.

I said back at the top that I gave up my HITT workouts. Thats a personal preference and I was given permission by my doctor to continue my workouts just not jumping up and down. (Don’t want to pull a boob hahaha) It just seemed better for me to do more low key activity. I don’t want to over do it and not have any energy for my kids. (Again, my opinion) I have started to do more stretches and yoga poses though. I find these help get the baby in a more comfy position since we are both running out of room. I haven’t found a certain thing that is super helpful so I can’t recommend a program right now but there are plenty out there to try. I just work on stretching the areas that I can feel need it that day. Today will be my legs. I had the worst leg cramp last night and that muscle still feels like its tight.

I can’t wait to have more nice days like yesterday. I love family walks with my little love muffins. Even if it means stopping and picking up dirt rocks every 2 seconds. (toddler life) We don’t live in town anymore so these dirt roads are our favorite to walk on. This one goes down the side of one of our farms. (Ours is to the right in this picture) I never thought I’d be doing family walks on a dirt road but here we are and we love it!

Well that’s pretty much what my workout routine looks like these days. Just trying to keep myself healthy and active because I know that’s what helps me feel good. I hope this post was motivating but also showed you that just moving is great! My goals have definitely changed since this summer and that’s ok. I know it will keep changing more as we get closer to April. I’m just proud of myself daily for moving.

Y’all have a great week!




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