ITSKARINOELLE || How I Prepared My Body For Labor And An Unmedicated Birth

Hey friends! I can’t believe my sweet Bear is 3 weeks old now! He’s definitely fitting right into our family! Well if you’re here, you are probably wondering how I prepared my body for labor. You would think after 3 kids, my body would just be used to having babies and that’s why I had him so fast. SOO WRONG! All my kids have just loved hanging out in my belly and with the first two I labored for hours!! Like 14 and 13 hours! Click here for my full birth story.

  • My Decision On NO Epidural
  • Hypnobirthing (What app I picked)
  • Ball Exercises (What exercises I did that prepared my body)
  • Positive Birth Stories Only
  • Eliminating Fear (How I worked through my fears)
  • Breathing Techniques To Stay Calm
  • Spotify Play List
  • What I Packed To Help With My Birth Plan
  • Mind Set\Best Advice
  • How It Really Happened

I decided early on in this last pregnancy that I did not want an epidural this time around. I did have one with both of my other two babies but after the second one and all the complications I had with that epidural, I decided it wasn’t worth it. Plus both had ran out right before pushing so I felt like if I could learn how to get through the contractions, then I could do it without!

Obviously people have had babies without epidurals for years. I just needed to figure out the easiest way to not feel pain. That lead me to hypnobirthing. Of course I googled it and it lead me to a youtube video from a few years ago. This lady talked about her experience with it and then shared your actual video of her birth story. To see her so calm and to hear how fast it all went really had my attention. She shared about fear and how it causes more pain and it all made sense. After talking to a friend, I decided on the Christian Hypnobirthing App. I’m a big believer that I can’t do anything with God so after listening to a few other meditations, I decided that I wanted my focus and strength the come from God and not myself. I listened to this app a few times before I would go to sleep at night. It is so relaxing and the reviews are great! I think if you are going to try a form of hypnobirthing, this app would be great!

My labor and delivery nurse with my second baby is who gave me the idea of ways to prepare my body for labor. She introduced me to the peanut ball during my labor with Benton when I hadn’t made any progress for the 9 hours before she came on shift. This third time around I knew I wanted to research more about exercises I could do to help my body prepare. I was given the advice by a few people to sit on an exercise ball and bounce up and down. This is a no no. It doesn’t seem to do much. This is where the Fearless Momma Birth Videos (Dancee Pinkston) came into play. I had seen Dancee share a few things on facebook not long ago and decided to search her youtube videos. This girl knows her stuff! I did her ball workouts everyday for at least 2 weeks leading up to labor. I watched pretty much every video she had including her birth stories and knew I wanted a calm and fast delivery like she had. I even reached out to her on instagram and she talked with me about my fears and things she recommended. She is the nicest person! I learned so much from her including the phases of labor, are you in labor, how to get baby to engage, ball exercises, and most importantly BREATHING TECHNIQUES! I think her ball exercises helped my body the most but the breathing is what kept me calm and present during the entire hour of labor and 5 mins of delivery. I can not recommend Dancee and her videos enough!

I personally think birth can be scary. It’s such an unknown and every birth is different. You never know what’s going to happen and you are just realizing you’re about to meet your baby for the first time. This is when you probably start asking friends or googling birth stories. Let me just say, IF YOUR FRIENDS AREN’T GOING TO SHARE A POSITIVE BIRTH STORY WITH YOU, THEN ASK THEM TO NOT SPEAK AT ALL. This is so important. You never want to hear a negative or scary story right before you are about to give birth. That is only going to put fear into your brain and fear can cause a lot of things including pain. You need to be as calm and at peace as possible. Do this for yourself and for your baby. I spend weeks watching positive birth stories. Some where over hypnobirthing and some where over a no medicated birth. This helped prepare my mind and myself for what was to come. Dancee’s stories are also great to listen to.

So to be honest, I don’t like hospitals or needles and I don’t like pain. I was still nervous and this was my third time. I remember talking with Dancee about it all. I was even nervous that my husband wouldn’t be the birth partner I needed him to be for an unmedicated birth. I was very fearful during that third trimester. How did I work through it? I prayed a lot. I listened to a lot of Christian music and believed in the words I would sing. I talked to Dancee about it. I prepared what all I wanted and pictured what process I would go through for each phase (even though it wouldn’t go as planned). I told my husband my plans. I believed that God was for me and would be there with me through it all. I think this is where you just get your mind right and pray. Pray and ask God to take the fear away and to give you peace. That is the most important thing to do. I believe taking fear away is one thing that helped my labor and delivery to go so fast.

I talked about the breath techniques a few paragraphs back. This is a key thing! Star this right now in your mind! This video will help and show you how to breath and why it’s so important.  I did the de-stressor breathing. I would inhale for 4 seconds and exhale for 6 seconds. I did this every time I had a contraction in the car and while I was in active labor headed up to the hospital room. This type of breathing helped keep me calm and present the whole car ride and once we got to the room. I do recommend doing it even when delivering but I honestly can’t remember if I did since I started pushing as soon as they got me on the bed. (This baby came fast!) Practice this because when it comes time and you’re in labor you might forget.

My plan was to play christian music while in labor. I thought I would be in a room for hours going through labor and I wanted there to be a calm and peaceful environment. I knew my hypnobirthing app might not be long enough and I wanted the first part of labor to be inviting so I made a playlist of christian songs that I love. I thought this would help get me into the mind set I wanted and create the environment that helped me feel comfortable. I recommend doing the same.

What did I pack to prepare for this type of labor and delivery? I packed headphones so I could cancel out all noise and people while I was doing hypnobirthing or listening to my music. I packed a portable speaker in case I wanted to play my music in my room. I did pack a portable fan I got off Amazon because so many people say they got really hot during birth and it was nice to have. And I packed own water cup, pillow and blanket so I felt comfortable. I have heard some people print off affirmations to hang up on the wall and I’m sure you can find those on Pinterest or make your own. Heres the link for my hospital bag.

The best advice I got was off Pinterest. Besides the breathing and ball exercises, I read to make sure your hands are relaxed. It’s a lot like running. You don’t want to be tense and you want to remain loose and relaxed through every contraction. When your hands are relaxed, your body is relaxed and then there’s less pain. This helped me so much. When my body was relaxed then the pain wasn’t bad all. So don’t tense up! As far as mind set, if you are wanting an unmedicated birth, decided now and stick with it.

Now I know this all sounds nice and sounds like I was totally prepared. Thats not how it went down. Heres the link to the whole story but here’s the short story on how it went down. I woke up at 5:50am with contractions that were 5-7 minutes apart. Got up around 6:15am and told Brody. He decided we probably needed to go to the hospital so we got up and got ready. We got the kids and dogs in the car and left the house about 6:50am. Dropped the kids off at my parents at 7:30am. Got to the hospital at 7:45 and into a room by 7:50am and Barrett was born at 7:57am. It happened so fast but honestly was the best experience of my life. I didn’t feel any type of labor pain till we got up to the room and he was on his way out. So I do recommend doing all this because I believe it helped me so much! I hope this helped give you an idea that theres more out there to help prepare you for labor then just sitting in a bed for hours waiting on your body to push that baby out. And if you are wanting an unmedicated birth, I hope this helps you and encourages you to have no fear and that you can do it!

If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out over instagram @itskarinoelle_ or on here.


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