Happy Monday!

Good morning y’all! Happy Monday! I can’t believe we are finally at the week where B girl goes back to school! I can’t believe she’ll be in 2nd grade plus she turns 8 on Saturday!! WHAT?!! Brody made a comment yesterday that she’s half way to 16 and we both about lost it right there. So because of this big…


Farm Life Update

Hey y’all! It’s been about 2 months since I last posted on here. I thoughts I’d get on and share a few things we did over the summer, house updates and a farm update! It’s been a hot minute over there since I was on but we have been living our best life over here trying to enjoy the summer.…


Week 1 Of Summer Activities

Summer’s here, but school isn’t stopping for us! After homeschooling for the last 6 weeks of school, I realized that I can still carry a little bit of that over to summer! I recently purchased some new books from my Usborne consultant (she’s sooo good!) and in that order was a science experiment book and an art book. B girl…


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