Vitamin E Oil And What I Love About It!

As I’ve gotten older and have had my babies, I’ve notices my skin has changed. I’ve always had some acne problems and because of this I also had some scaring. Now that I stay home with my baby, I don’t wear much makeup. I was really wanting something that worked with my moisturizer to help even out my skin tone…


Favorite New Beauty Products

If you’re like me, then you don’t like to spend much on makeup. I find it frustrating when I’m out of mascara and don’t have time to run to the mall. I’ve set out to find a good drug store mascara for all of us and I think I’ve found one I really like! But better way to share then…


Brody And I Did A Thing… OLAY Mask Review

So I got Bro to do this thing last night! He said I’m not allowed to show any of his friends so if you would like to then be my guest! Of course he complained the whole time but what’s life if he’s not. I saw OLAY came out with some new mask and I decided to try one out.…


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