Welcome to my blog! Where did my name come from? Well let’s start from the beginning. The picture on the left is my husband and I in high school on a Spring Break trip to Italy. It was a school trip and we were just friends… Two weeks before the end of our senior year we finally started dating. 1 1/2 years later we got married! Soon after that we had a sweet baby girl! Her name is b. Growing up, my husband (Brody) always new he wanted to farm. He grew up playing farm in his room to farming in the sandbox to working with his Grandparents on their farms. I on the other hand was full out city girl! My mom taught me how to shop from the moment I was born! I never imagined I would marry a country boy! After we got married we lived in the big city of Amarillo, TX. That’s were we were from and to me, that’s where we were going to stay! We bought a house, finished college and we’re living life. I had a good job working for a local bank and Brody was farming in Happy. (30 minutes away) Every once and a while Brody would say something about moving to the farm, because there was a farmhouse there that his grandparents would lease out, but I would just say no. In February of 2016, we were out at the farm checking the wheat and I could just see how bad Brody wanted to be there all the time. I knew he was tired of driving 30 minutes there the back and I knew the renters would be moving soon so I prayed about it and asked God to change my heart about the farm. By the time April came around, I was on board with moving there! I had decided to become a teacher and by June I had a job in the next down over. We put our house on the market and in a week it was sold. It was totally a God thing! So with all that being said now we’re to the picture on the right. This is us now, living on the farm. This blog will be about my life on the farm. I’m sure I’ll be learning and doing new things. I’ll also be slowly remodeling this farm house with the help of Brody and my mom. Since I love shopping I’ll be posting some of my favorite things plus some fitness tips. And since I’m a farm wife I have to learn how to cook, right?? So I’ll post some recipes too.

Ok well there’s the beginning. Now it’s time to see where this new life takes me! Thanks again for stopping by!!



Kari Hollis


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