Tonights blog will be about the farm and the process of growing a business. You might not can tell but in this picture there are 3 important pieces to the harvest process. We have the combine, the grain cart, and the truck/trailer. To successfully have a great harvest opporation you need all three pieces of equipment. The land my husband farms is his grandparents. These great people believed in education and knew that farming is a risky career so they made a deal with Brody. If he would go to college and get his degree, then he could farm the land. Brody graduated three years ago with his degree in Agiculture and has now been farming full time for three years. When Brody started they had the basics. There was no combine, sprayer, grain cart, truck/trailer and some other things. Slowly but surely they have added to the Hollis Farms collection. They have grown so much. Just this year they have purchased the grain cart and as of today, the truck and trailer.

So what does all this have to do with building a business or even building to your goals and dreams? Well a lot! Just the other day on a farm tour, Brody told me that he has learned it takes three years to build a place up to produce a great crop. He thinks that spending those years in college has put him behind, well I think it has done nothing but help him build. Why? Because he took the time to learn things that a lot of farmers around here don’t know and may never know. He has learned about business, soil, types of equipment to use and more! In building up a dream or a business you have to do the research. You have to know what equipment you will need to succeed in your business. You have to know it will take time and hard work. You have to know that there is a process to most everything!

I tell Brody all the time to just enjoy it, be thankful for it, and know that God has blessed him and our family beyond measures! He provides these processes for a reason.

Well that’s it for tonight. Make sure you check out my Instagram for some fun farm pictures and my favorite fashion tips!!

XO Kari


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