imageimageimageimageOk! First things first! Let’s talk about the AMAZING news first!! My husband has grown up on this farm and another farm in Perryton, TX but he has only been farm full time for 3 years! He has learned so much and has done so much in 3 years that I’m like in shock at how good he is at this!! He told me just the other day that he has learned it takes 3 years to make a piece of land great again! With that being said, he has taken some leaps this year that he’s never done before! I talked to his Grandpa, Preston, today about this dry land wheat and he said it was the best crop he has EVER had!! Can I just say, Praise God!!!! I am soooo proud of Brody Hollis and what he is doing with Hollis Farms to build it up and make it great!!! I can’t wait for June 1st! Wheat harvest time!

Now for the funny news…. Since we’re talking about harvest time… My husband who I love so much told me the funniest thing I’ve ever heard! He said I would be driving the semi!!!! If you’re think what’s wrong with that then go ahead and scroll back to the top. Look at those pictures long and hard because the girl in that picture can not drive a stinkin semi!!! I broke the only 4wheeler we had! Plus I’m so short I can’t see over that dash! So then he tells me I’ll have to drive the grain cart! That means me on the tractor by myself! YES! My dream come true!!!  And if you don’t know much about the tractors these days, they come with radio and gps and an extra seat for my sweet b and a cup holder for my mimosa 😉(Joke) Anyways, we’ll see where I end up, I bet he finds someone to help before it comes down to it.


I love harvest time!!!!

Shirt- Forever 21 (it’s a look alike I found at Ralph Lauren)

Short- loft

Boot- Hunter Rain Boots


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