Well it’s summer time!!! This will be my first summer to be off since sophomore year in high school! I am so excited to be off and to spend time with my almost 5 year old!

Ive been out for 6 days now and have got nothing done but laundry. I wasn’t getting my whole workout in or eating right. I wasn’t getting things done I wanted to get done. So last night I thought about it and decided that b and I needed a schedule/ routine. So this morning I made one! I got up and put my workout clothes on and made b breakfast. While she ate and watched tv I got my workout in. Then when I was done I gave her a bath and got her ready for today then took these cute pictures. After that we did dishes and cleaned the kitchen. This may not seem like a lot but it’s the most we’ve accomplished all week it seems like. Now I’m about to take a shower, get ready for the rest of the day and head to town.

I know this won’t be my schedule everyday and some days we will just need to relax, but I’m starting to find out that both of us need the schedule to get things done. Also this has made my ocd husband happy too.

B: dress and shoes are from Old Navy


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