Can you believe school is starting back? Around here most schools are starting tomorrow! Brody’s little brother will be a freshman in high school! HOW?? Our sweet b starts school next Wednesday! We will have a kindergartner on our hands!! We have had so much fun this summer just hanging out and taking a few trips but this mom needs her baby to go back to school! Most moms are so sad when their babies start kindergarten… as for me I need her to go! I’m ready and she’s ready! With that being said I want to give her teacher a nice little gift. So I did some digging and asked my teacher friends what gifts they enjoy. IMG_0403

Most of them said they needed coffee! Every morning! So I ran up to Dillard’s and found this cute Kate Spade coffee cup. I love Kate Spade and their cute designs! I also heard a lot from my sister this past year that she always had candy for those pick-me-up times. Not really knowing what type of candy our kindergarten teacher likes, I let b pick these out. I know a lot of people love chocolate so that might be added before next week. Other things you could add to this part of the gift is a gift card to a local coffee shop or a local drink stop. We don’t have one in our town so I couldn’t get one. IMG_0404

I also reached out and asked about supplies. These Paper Mate Flair pens are a WINNER!! I got a package as a gift last year and fell in love! This is a perfect gift to any teacher! Pencil’s are a must too! It always seems like they go missing so you can’t ever have enough. And who doesn’t need Post-it notes? The colored ones are the best!

So here’s just a few ideas for those who want to send some love to their child’s teacher. Its also smart to get your teacher to fill out a survey on what they like. This way you know what to get them in the future!

I hope everyone has a great first day of school! And moms, it will be ok!!




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