Well this girl has been in kindergarten for a week now. How is she doing? Well she doesn’t like it. Since the first day I’ve hear “I want to go back to Pre-K.” Well obviously she can’t. I’ve also heard from the teacher all ready that Brookelyn just can’t seem to listen. She’s either talking or in her own world. Honestly, it sounds just like b so I know it’s the truth. When we ask b why she can’t listen, she tells us she can only listen in Pre-K. Needless to say, we still have some adjusting to do. 

Now onto what happened yesterday. While waiting outside to pick up b, I noticed that she wasn’t against the wall with her class. After 30 seconds of still waiting I finally asked her teacher where b was. Her teacher said she must still be inside the hallway. Once all the kids had gone with their rides, b’s teacher went in to look. When she came out with no b I started to panic a little inside. My first thought was she went with her friend on the bus. I just knew she had gotten on and that the bus had left. I might of started to panic some more. After a minute I saw the principal walking around the corner with my baby in tears. B wanted to go to Sage’s house so bad that she was getting on the bus with her. Sage is Brookelyn’s best friend! They don’t live to far from us. The girls make a plan everyday to go to each other’s houses and most everyday we have to crush their hopes and dreams. Anyways, long story short now, I checked on the bus route to our house and it’s not the same as Sage’s so I will countinue to pick b up everyday. 

Also, we live outside of a small town so there are only 2 buses and I did not even have a thought that someone kidnapped her. We love b’s school and the teachers and admin are amazing! This situation was just so funny to me and shows how strong willed my child is. And Sage’s mom is prepared to call if b ends up at their house one day. We both had a few laughs. 

Have a great day! 



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