Hey friends! It’s definitely been awhile. So sorry! But I’m here now and I want to share something with y’all that is just so important to me. The month of November is National Adoption Month! This is so important to me because I was adopted and so was my sister.

So here’s my story short and sweet. These first few pictures are some of our first pictures as a family. My parents just couldn’t have kids so they decided to adopt. I know a lot of couples go into Adoption and get promised a baby and then are let down when it doesn’t workout. This happened to my parents like 4 months before I was born. Of course they were devastated but then they got a phone call from a friends mom saying a girl was about to have a baby and if they wanted it then it was theirs. Of course they said yes! I was born early in the morning and they called my new parents. As my dad says, they told them on the phone that “if you want her then you better come and get her!” So they hoped in the car and drove to east Texas to pick me up.

Now I get some questions about when I found out and how my parents told me and honestly it was never a secret. My parents have always told me and I think it was best for our family. Growing up I knew I had two other sisters but that was it. One older and one younger. Of course I always dreamed of meeting them! So when I got to college I looked into scholarships which lead me to looking at my birth certificate and adoption papers. That’s when I found out my birth mom’s name and where she was living at the time. Mom and I found her on facebook but never messaged her or anything. A few weeks later I was at a friends house telling her about it and she pushed me to message her. Turned out it was my birth mom and I was definitely a big secret to her family. That’s when I learned about my sisters. I had one older one and two younger ones (that she had kept). My older sister was adopted when she was born and lived in the Dallas area. Of course I was so excited to finally have a sister that I messaged her that night and was like Hey! I’m your sister! Well that didn’t go over well. I guess when she had found our birth mom no one was let in on the secret that there was one more daughter that was given up. After some long conversations and a lot of explaining my older sister Christie and I had become best friends! The first two pictures are of us the very first time we met. We both took our moms with us and met at a Chedders. It was like we had known each other our whole lives. After lunch I went back to their house to spend the weekend with her. When I say it was like we had never been apart and we’re the same person, I mean it! We were headed out to a concert and came out of our rooms wearing the same thing! (Not planned) we had the best time!

My sister and I have had our ups and downs but we’ve always stuck it out and have been there for each other no matter what. In the 6 years of knowing each other we’ve experienced life and things that we couldn’t of done alone. We been there for our weddings, two years of chemo (for christie) graduations, birthdays, and awesome concerts. Christie has forsure become my best friend and my real life sister!

As for my birth mom and the other two sisters, well to be honest there isn’t much of a story. My birth mom and I had different outlooks on life and didn’t agree about things. We really don’t talk and no we aren’t friends on facebook. I am thankful that I did get to meet her one time and just see how she lived and grew up. It answered so many questions. And for my younger two sisters, well I wish we were all close and talked but for now we don’t and that’s ok.

Y’all Adoption is an amazing thing!! In all honesty I am so thankful for my parents and the amazing life I grew up in and live! The things I’ve learned and the standards I have for myself are all because of my parents! Playing club, high school and college volleyball is all because of my parents! Getting married, having a baby, working full time and finishing college is all about my parents and the standards they taught me! Christie has a great life but to me, I feel like I got the best life out of everyone! God is just so good and gave me to a family that needed me and wanted me! I’m pretty much like a lottery winner!!! Definitely all God!

So if you feel lead to adopt, I would say do it! Pray and go into it with no fear! You could totally change a life in a drastic way!


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  1. mymomdotcom924
    February 1, 2018 / 10:04 pm

    Adoption is such a beautiful thing, how awesome! My sister Is adopted and we get that we look like each other all the time. 😊

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