Yes! My title is correct! My husband is a stripper! Hahaha I just love telling people that this time of year! My husband is a custom cotton stripper! He loves it! Year round he’s a farmer and grows wheat and milo but on his down time he’s been cotton stripping. In the past few years he’s been working with his buddies doing this gig but this year opportunity came a knockin and together we decided to open the door! This year we invested in buying all the equipment his best friend was selling. This equipment was so nice and such a great deal plus Brody had worked on it and in it the past 3 years so it was pretty much home to him.

This picture was taken tonight. I tried to get a good picture of Brody and my dad before I got ran over but this is the best I got.

In the 3 years of Brody doing this, I’ve always worked and never could make the hour drive out to ride with him so today was the first. Since I had b, my trip was short and consisted of a down and back. Once my dad got on, b and I got in the tractor with our bff Sheldon. We had a great time! It was so cool to see how everything worked!

We stayed till it was dark of course and b got to drive the tractor around the field and play with the lights and radio. She loved it! Hopefully one day she’ll be able to go help her daddy.

But what I was so happy and excited about was being able to take my dad out there! I’ve heard him till Brody many times about the farm his dad had when he was growing up and how they planted cotton. Of course my dad is 65 so the equipment has come a LONG way so it was soooooo cool for my dad to get to ride with Brody. I know my dad loves his time with Brody and I know Brody really enjoys that my dad is so interested and so encouraging of his career. Those two together just make me so happy! Now b on the other hand has some ways to go. She can not sit still and she has to touch everything! In the short time of being on the stripper she got herself into some trouble for licking the windows and “making art” with her fingers.

Last statement to say is that I’m so glad Brody is being blessed with these opportunities and gets to do exactly what he loves! God is so amazing!


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