That’s right! We’re adding to the farm and it’s a human! Our sweet new joy is coming end of April first of May. We are so excited (even if it doesn’t seem real yet) and can’t wait to find out what this baby will be!

I know you’re all wondering how I told Brody… well when decided it was time to add we wanted to plan it around his farm schedule so he could make it to see his baby born. And of course I didn’t want to be pregnant alone so this summer I mentioned to my sister that she should have one and we can have babies together. Of course she took the hint and in August I found out I was going to be an Aunt! I was so excited and then a week later I found out that we were having a baby too! So of course Brody has no idea!

I was so excited! I had thought about not telling him for weeks but decided he was the one person I couldn’t hold it in to. Brody has just bought me my first farm toy, the four wheeler. We were taking it down the dirt roads and he was teaching me how to drive it. I knew I had to tell him so I took him to his favorite farm down the road and stopped the four wheeler and just blurted it out. I think he was happier than I was! We both agreed to keep it a secret. I was saying till Thanksgiving but I knew Brody would pop before. We ended up telling our families at 12 weeks and then announcing it to everyone on Thanksgiving.

As for my sweet b, she is sooooo excited!! At first she didn’t care until everyone started finding out. B has always wanted a baby brother! She has talked about him for 3 years now. In her head this baby is a boy. He will come out being Buzz Light year and will save the world. I hope she’s semi right. She is loving my belly and wants this baby out now! I keep telling her it could be a girl. She says that’s ok, daddy will have a boy then. She even woke up one morning and loved on his belly too. That will make you feel good about yourself first thing.

Anyways, we are all super excited! I’m going to try and post pictures weekly of the bump and update on everything for that week! So fair up until 18 weeks, this baby wasn’t showing much. This week he or she is ready to be seen. I’ll post more later this week.


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