B with CupCake

Guess What!! We’re having a boy!! We couldn’t be more excited to add a boy to our family!!

Honestly, I have never wanted a boy. I never wanted a brother and to be honest after living with Brody I think I was very smart! Boys can be soooo gross! But Brody and Brookelyn have always wanted a boy in our family. I guess after hearing them talk about it for 3 years it just kind of rubbed off on me. B has been telling people about her baby brother for years! I finally convinced her that he lived far away and maybe someday he would come live with us. So then she started telling people about her baby brother that didn’t live with us which got us a lot of crazy looks. (You just can’t win)

So when we found out we were having a baby, B was super into Toy Story and told us that this baby would be a boy and that his name would be Buzz Light Year. In my mind I just couldn’t disappoint her but if it was a boy his name would not be Buzz Light Year. But in the back of my mind I did hope it was a boy for many reasons.

  1. Brody and Brookelyn wanted a boy.
  2. We for sure had a boy name.
  3. I knew how I wanted to decorate a boy room.
  4. Brody needs a boy to pass down the farm to.
  5. Everyone else wanted a boy.
  6. Brody said us girls were gaining up on him. 4 girls and 1 boy was not fair and bla bla bla. (Ranger Dale counts as a girl)

So anyways, a week after Brody told his grandparents (the ones Brody farms with) that we were having another, his granddad passed away. This was the granddad was his best friend. They talked and texted all the time. He was B and Ranger’s favorite person in the world. I saw almost everyday working on stuff behind our house or driving down the road. After this hard thing I knew we just needed a boy. Brody and the family needed this. The name Preston has been passed down from his granddad. Brody is the 3rd person to have the middle name Preston. Losing the first Preston and Brody’s right hand farm hand we needed a boy. So when we found it was a boy I CRIED!!!  I was sooooo happy for Brody and Brookelyn and of course I was happy for the boy too. But this baby finally had a name! I knew who was inside me and I was soooo excited to tell our families. We pretty much popped those blue cannons with a bunch of confetti inside every ones house! It was soooo funny!! And a big mess. But when I got to tell my dad the name we had picked for this one, he cried and I cried! We decided to name him after my dad’s dad. I never met him but my dad is the best man I have ever known and you can’t find anyone in this world who could say a bad thing about him… except maybe some people hes put behind bars. But still! This name means a lot to all of us. Besides the fact that we love the name, we couldn’t be more honored to give it to our baby. So with all the suspense going on… B with Buzz 3I give you B’s Buzz Light Year and our name!

Benton Preston Hollis

He will do great things in this world! And of course be a great farmer with his dad and sister!


You can find B’s sweater is from Carter’s. It’s not online anymore but I did see it in store. Her boots are from Cavender’s and you can get a Buzz Light Year just like hers from Toys R Us or a Disney Store.


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