Hey y’all! Now I know I’m not the only one who’s pregnant and has a mess of a head am I right? Even before I was pregnant my hair had gotten super dry and super tangled every time I washed it. I tried almost all the brands at Walmart I could find with the words “hydrate” because you would think dry hair and blondes need hydration! I remember texting my hair dresser and talking to her when I was there about what else I could try. I even started trying the expensive brands (sample size) to see if they would work. Literally no luck. I even went out and cut my hair short thinking I would just get rid of the damage but it wasn’t helping.

Finally after following a blogger for a while I really liked, she finally posted her hair routine! And thank you Jesus she did! I imminently texted my hair dresser and asked her about the brand of shampoo and she said it was a very good brand. She even told me where I could find it cheaper than Ulta.

This Living Proof collection has SAVED ME!! This restore collection has brought my hair back to life! And it smells good!

I love this shampoo! I don’t know if anyone else does this but I would always put a bunch of shampoo in my hands because my hair needed it. Well with this one I use half as much!

This conditioner is amazing too! It leaves my hair so soft and feeling amazing! It doesn’t feel dry at all!

Now this stuff is the bomb.com yall! I do put my hair in a towel for a minute to dry and yes I still get some tangles but not as many as before! This stuff works like a protectant and a detangler. If I have some static in my hair or b’s I just spray some of this on it and it helps so much!

Now that I’ve tried the other three products and love them, I’m really excited to try this mask treatment! Again I know I’m not the only one who’s hair changed when they got pregnant, so I’m planning on trying this stuff out using maybe 1-2 time a week. I’ll report back on it or check out my instastories at @karihollis_

I do highly recommend these products! Yes they are kind of pricy but way worth it. I found them cheapest on amazon. I’ll link everything below!

Here is the whole set I purchased as a bundle.

Perfecting Spray

Shampoo & Conditioner

Mask Treatment

Bigger Size Shampoo & Conditioner


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