Hey yall! I know I said I would get this up yesterday but we got busy with some home updates and I didn’t get around to it.

So I still have some things from when I had Brookelyn so most of these things are small items or things that just weren’t popular 6 years ago. But I will be sharing some of my favorite products that I think everyone should try too.

First up, if you haven’t done a registry yet, go ahead and make an amazon one. After a curtain date they will give you 15% off items in your registry that you still need. So if you have big items, this will help a lot!

So first I am sharing these burp clothes. These have great review and come in white, grey, navy blue, and pink. They also have some really cute designs on a few of them. These are normally $22 but are on sale for $18 with free shipping if you have Prime. I am honestly not into the whole organic stuff but these are organic for those who are. They are definitely a different look than what I had with b but once I got them in and felt them I fell in love.

I have seen so many bloggers talking these Como Tomo bottles up! These bottles are pretty cool! They do cost a few more dollars but I think you would love them! The bottom is a soft/squishy material. They seem easy to clean and they come in green or pink. I’ve also seen on amazon that you can buy handle grips as well. The bottles in the picture are 8oz but you can also purchase these in 5oz. This link is currently on sale for $20. I can’t wait to try these out.

These tommee tippee bottles are the ones I used with Brookelyn. These were amazing! They also come in 9oz and 5oz. When I compared them in person, these were lighter than the como tomo bottles. You can get a set of 3 on sale for $8. No other place will beat this price!

Ok. Now it’s time for the big stuff. I have several friends who have this high chair and they all say it’s super easy to clean. To me it doesn’t seem bulky at all and grows with your baby. The last high chair we had was so big and bulky. It was super hard to clean and by the time b out grew it, we just threw it away. This time I wanted something so simple! I know you can find this chair at other stores like Target, but it will cost you around $109. On Amazon it is $89. Even though we won’t need this right off, I wanted to go ahead and purchase it.

Next is the Halo bassinet. This is just the simple model. I’m choosing this one because it pulls up next to the bed and the side will move down when you reach in to get your baby. This one is priced at $199.

Last is this mamaRoo. This is something that wasn’t popular with b. I didn’t even have a swing with her but wish I’d had something. This link makes this piece on sale for $175. It is normally $220 so this is a great deal!


Ok! well that’s it for today! I have a big mess to clean up in my house. I also have b home today so you can bet there will be a mess all day! Come back later to see what mom things I recommend you buy before baby!




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