Hey friends! I’ve been super MIA for months but I have a good reason! As most of you know I was super pregnant in April and May.

This was me at 39 weeks! I for real only had about 2 things that fit me at this point! Most of my friends said to wear my husbands shirts but we are both normally a size medium so that didn’t help.

Also at 39 weeks my doctor told me that I could pick a day to have him if I wanted to which threw me off because I didn’t get that option with my first. I had mix feelings about it all that whole week. My husband loved the idea of just going in and knowing what day so he picked for the following Monday which was my due date. Later that same day I called and cancelled the induction because I just didn’t feel right about it.

That same week my daughter had kindergarten graduation and a ballet recital that I was not going to miss!

So as you can see we made it to those events.

Well my due date came around and on May 7 I ended up having our sweet baby boy!

I will post our birth story later for those of y’all wanting to know!

So for the last 3 weeks I’ve just been enjoying this sweet baby and now that Brookelyn is out of school we are trying to find a new normal for sure!

So farm wise there hasn’t been much to say except for it’s so DRY!!! The wheat doesn’t look anywhere near what it did last year and the wind is just always blowin!

Luckily we do have some new stuff this year! Someone might have gone over board on his spending so hopefully it pays off! This would be out new tractor! It spent a month in the John Deere shop right after we got it due to metal being all in it but now its back and brody has started planting. This planter is actually his friends and the boys decided to start a custom planting deal which didn’t work like they planed because of the tractor being in the shop for a month. And this new piece of land is our newest place to farm. First year and his first pivot! Let’s not get to deep into it but that has been the biggest pain in the butt and has still continued to be one as of today!

I will keep you up to date on the farm but as for now please pray that we get rain and a lot of rain!

So that’s what’s been going on here! I will definitely be posting more! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram! @thesweetfarmlife

You can watch me try and figure out how to handle 2 kids on my own and how our summer is going!

Have a great Memorial Day!


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