Well as you can see he’s the cutest thing ever!!!

Well my due date was May 7. It was originally April 28 and to me that was the perfect date! I wanted an April baby soooo bad!!! But nope! It got moved and that was that.

So if you read my last blog post then you know b had several things the week before my due date. I was so nervous he would come and then we couldn’t go and I would miss all her stuff. With b, she came a day late and my water broke at 3 in the morning and I was in labor for 15 hours. So of course I hear that the second comes sooner and faster so living 30 minutes away, I was scared to death I would have him at home or in the car! So at 39 weeks my doctor told me I could just pick a day and have him. I was in shock because for 9 months I’ve pictured going into labor and freaking brody out as much as possible! So “picking a day” through me off!! Well Brody was all for it and picked May 7. It totally freaked me out so as soon as we left the doctor I called and cancelled. Well I made it to all of b’s stuff so we were happy about that but the whole weekend I just had a weird feeling. Sunday I told Brody he needed to clean the house really good and I would do the laundry. We both just had a feeling that Monday would be the day for something. When we got to the doctor Monday morning I just asked her how big she thought he was. She said I had been measuring 2 weeks ahead for weeks!! I was shocked!!! Why had she never mentioned this before? Was my due date really April 28 like I thought? So pretty much my baby was huge and he needed to come out within the next couple days, preferably that day is what Brody said.

With a farmer in his busy season you never know where he will be or if he’ll have service to call him. So with Brody already being there with me (and after many years) I caved and we went to the hospital to get induced. It was about 10am when we got there. Everything was wrong from what I pictured. I wasn’t in a room like before, my doctor couldn’t deliver my baby because she’s a nurse practitioner (she was my nurse in the hospital when I had b) so a different doctor had to deliver and if only met him once, and I was getting induced instead of see what my body would do. I was all sorts of emotional!

Brenna (my doctor) said I should have him just right after lunch so we called all our families and they all dropped what they were doing and came! My best friend even came and that just meant so much to me! Well our stubborn boy did not want to come!! He was so far up in my ribs and would not come down. My body wouldn’t start dialing. It was a long day with a lot of tears. Everything just didn’t feel right to me until my night nurse came in. (Yes, we were still going after 7) My new nurse Tori came in and she was the best!!! Pretty sure she just got out of nursing school not long ago but she knew all the right things to do!! She got things going and she was in my room through it all and she was amazing!

Our sweet Benton came at 10:56 that night! We both gave up the fight and he finally came! I didn’t even have to push that long. No I didn’t count how many pushes. That’s weird to me. But Brody got to deliver him (with the doctor right there) and it was just so special! Benton came out 8lbs 4oz and 20.25 inches long. He was a few ounces bigger than b was but he was perfect! No complications and we were both just great! They cleaned him off and put him on my chest and that’s been his spot since!

People keep asking who he looks like and he looks like me. We also share the same blood type. This boy is attached to me like glue! He even has to sleep on my chest like he did the day he was born. He is such an easy baby! He sleeps good and eats pretty much every 2 hours. At 2 weeks he already gained a pound. Life with Benton is just amazing!


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