Sorry guy! I’ve been having trouble with my blog for a little over a week. I think I got it figured out! So here is a VERY fast dinner that is semi healthy! This is one of Brody’s favorites!

Y’all this literally takes 15 minutes!! And these are so good and I consider it mostly healthy!

The first ingredient that makes this fast is either leftover taco meat or leftover shredded chicken. I made mine chicken in my instant pot a couple days before.

So first you will need a pan and depending on how many people you’re serving is how big your pan needs to be. I am cooking for for 2 people because b won’t eat Mexican food.

So I only make 3 and once they’re done then I cut them in half.

I put the chicken and some cheese in each one, roll it up and put it in the pan.

Then I get the enchilada sauce and cover it all then add cheese. I used mozzarella because that’s all I had. Did I mention that this is a throw what you got and mix it together kind of dinner?

Next you will put it into the oven for 10-15 mins at 400 degrees or until cheese melts. Then pull it out and serve!

I would put this with a bowl of spinach. Brody would put this with chips and salsa.

Super simple! Hope ya’ll enjoy!


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