I don’t know if you noticed but this is real life mom style right here! I’m in my workout clothes like 90% of the time and if you look close enough I’m missing some dip on my nails! Life gets crazy and here’s how I handle it.

You might think since I have a new baby and also an almost 6 year old at home that I might feel like I’m losing my mind. Well guess what! Truth is I am! My almost 6 year old is really pushing my buttons lately! My husbands been working late since he’s farming alone this year and my sweet baby loves to be held all the time after 1pm!

How do I keep my sanity through it all? It’s called “me time” or “mommy time”. And this normally takes place in the mornings. Benton and I love this time of day! My “me time” is my workout time. It helps me relax and keeps my routine going throughout the day. Normally I’ll get out of bed and just put my workout clothes on. I’ll make my breakfast and eat it. This is normally eggs of some sort and at least 1 piece of toast. (I need my carbs) Then I’ll make my coffee and put it in my kate spade coffee travel mug.  I like to stay healthy but recently I’ve needed coffee. I add a little bit of my protein drink to it as my creamer and 1 packet of trivia as my sugar. Then I put Benton in his boppy wrap and we get on the treadmill. Brookelyn will normally watch tv or play during this time, Benton will take a nap and I will put on my headphones and watch a little bit of Netflix while I walk and drink my coffee. It’s like everyone gets their “me time”.

Now don’t worry. I only walk for about 30-45 mins and at a slow pace of 2 on the treadmill. Even though I am walking slow and enjoying myself, I am still getting a workout in. Now it’s no HIIT class or weight lifting but it’s me moving and that’s what makes me feel great. I also think walking while carrying Benton helps me get my strength back and is helping me lose a little bit of weight at the same time.

So yes, workout out is great for me. Some may think going to Target and getting a coffee by yourself is your “me time” and that’s great! Just something that takes you away from life for a few minutes and lets you just relax for a minute is what I think every mom needs.

I think taking care of YOU is the best thing a mom can do for herself. Or anyone for that matter. I workout, eat right, have goals and still go get my nails done. I need more than just one thing to keep me going and keep me being a “nice mommy”.

So take a few minutes out of your day to just take some time for yourself. Get that workout in or at least a walk. You do you. That’s my mom advice for today!


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