Hey y’all! So I figured I would give y’all a cotton update since we’re kind of at a stand still for a few weeks.

Brody is loving growing this cotton and I think he’s the only one growing it here in Happy. This is our only irrigated place and Brody had a very challenging time getting this sprinkler going and ended up planting his cotton a few weeks later than his buddies up in the northern panhandle.

Driving through the cotton yesterday we saw a ton of these flowers!

What do these mean? Well I got a lesson! Didn’t help that I was enjoying a “mommy water” aka a beer. But here is what I think he said. The white flowers come first. Once the plant has been fertilized then it turns pink and then it starts making the bowls. (I think that’s what he said)

Of course Brody is always curious and went out and found a bowl that was already producing fiber. And to me this is the weirdest thing to think about and maybe you just have to be there to feel everything and see it, but it was so strange to me.

Ok side note here…. this pictures above is the cotton fiber a week ago!

Below was the cotton fiber yesterday!

In this second picture, you can see the seeds and Brody said they are fully formed. (Again, I think that’s what he said. I was enjoying the kids napping and spending time with my husband)

But anyways, Brody said it has till the 15th to do all it will do. Or 20th. Some people believe differently in the timing. I’ll keep you more up to date on my Instagram and instastories here later.

Now here’s some pictures I’ve taken of the cotton.

Oh and apparently the guy who farmed it last year sprayed something on the wheat he planted that should of made this cotton not come up this year. So I think we can all say a THANK YOU GOD for providing always!


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