Hey friends! It’s a new season, well not here really because I’m in Texas, but I know we still like to change out outfits. So I’m gathering all my favorites for this month from three of my favorite stores!

For Loft and Target you can click on the pictures for the link and for Old Navy you will have to click on the words for the link.

LOFT FAVORITES: In the jeans I’m a size 27 (size 4) Tops I’m a size small.



TARGET FAVORITES: Tops I’m a size Medium and shoes I’m wearing an 8 (tts)



OLD NAVY FAVORITES: Medium everything!


product photo Leggings     Product photo 0  Sweatshirt  Product photo 0  Sweatshirt Product photo 0 Shirt   Product photo 0  Jacket         Product photo 0  Dress    Product photo 0 skirt             Product photo 0 Skirt  Product photo 0 Workout Top   Product photo 0   Booties    Product photo 0  Joggers         Product photo 0   Lounge Jacket


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