Send help! We made the decision to go ahead and start b a year early in school but with her being the youngest it’s been hard. Brody likes to say that I have two degrees and one being education (I’m a certified PE teacher 😂) so he thinks I should be able to help her. Well I just don’t have much patience when it comes to helping her with her homework. She struggled all last year with her sight words and even with a tutor this summer we are still starting over. I’ve been really frustrated with how last year went and how far behind she is. There really was no way we were holding her back in kindergarten again for many reasons and moving her to a different school would be me driving to another town twice a day and with a new baby we decided it wouldn’t work this year.

I think most parents in this situation really want to give their child 100% to help their child but you have to stop and think. She just turned 6 the day school started, she is learning all day and really needs a break when she comes home. If I’m going to help her I need to make it fun. My thinking is this girl loves to be outside and is always wanting to play games! I thought maybe I could create a sidewalk game that involves her sight words. I created a game that has her moving and memorizing! I drew it up one day and she ended up loving it!

I added curves, twist, jumping and words! When she gets one wrong she has to start over. This game has really helped!

I went head and made a video Incase you’re lost on what I’m trying to say. I did notice last night when we read that she was starting to recognize some of the words. I hope this helps some of you and your little readers!

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