Y’all! This week has been hard! But guess what! It isn’t because of my sweet baby! He’s sleeping!

I got so many DM’s on Instagram about this suit and I first want to say I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to this review this week. I’ve been so busy and my mouse battery had died. I guess those batteries only worked for 8 months. Anyways, now for my full report about the Magic Sleep Suit!

I will say that this did not work over night. That 4 month sleep regression was a rough one! We were waking up every 1-2 hours to eat! (Keep in mind that I have a very big baby! He eats a lot anyways.) So when I couldn’t take it anymore, another blogger posted that she invested in this sleep suit. She talked about her baby (who is a big baby too) was taking 2 hour naps! At this point we were taking 10 minute naps, it was bad! So I bought the dang thing on Amazon! This sleep suit was $39.95 and it comes in 3 colors. All the reviews say to buy one that fits. That is the trick I guess. I bought the 6-9 months because my baby weighs 17lbs and is 27 inches long! It was still a bit big. The outside seems like it would make the baby really hot but the inside is different. It’s a breathable material and we do put his jammies on him first. We like to keep our house a little cool so he does great! I’ve never gotten him out and he’s been sweating.

So the first night, nothing changed. But I had a feeling it wouldn’t. You have to be ok with this! The second night got better. He only woke up at 3 and at 6. This went on for a few days. On the fourth night, HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! Praise God that baby slept! After this nice sleep I decided we would try it for a nap. He slept 2 HOURS! I had to wake him up because we had farm things to do. I was amazed!

Since then we still have nights where we still wake up. I feel like gas has a lot to do with that. But it’s so funny to watch him as I put him into this thing. He wiggles and cries sometimes but as soon as I zip up both zippers his eyes start getting heavy. It’s so funny and so cute! One thing I forgot to mention was we did move him to his bed when he started wearing this suit. He didn’t fit in the halo bassinet once he started wearing this so we moved him. He did so great!

Since having this, we have gotten a great schedule. He does so good with it. It did take a few days to adjust but he sleeps so good! He will sleep 5-7 hours in it and then back to sleep for a few more hours.

There is one thing I would like to say that I read on the reviews. Most reviews I read that were bad was from parents whos baby wasn’t sleeping before. Benton was sleeping through the night since he was born. The other reviews say to get your actual size. Don’t just jump up to a bigger size to grow into. It doesn’t work that way. I think everyone has their own opinion but I would say it’s worth the try.



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