I think every mom loves to match their kids! My mom did it and I’ve done it! You can’t deny it and I like to think it’s in our blood as moms! I love matching Brookelyn and now that I have Benton, we have to add him into the mix! With Christmas coming up I’ve found some affordable outfits that would be soo cute for family get togethers and for pictures!

All of these items can be found at Old Navy! They are soo good when it comes to matching!


product    Faux Fur Vest - Brown - Ladies | H&M US 1 product    product   

So this first outfit is just a fun party outfit for me and my girl! She’s finally loving dressing up and I’m loving it too! This would be so cute with the fur vest or to dress it down, a black cardigan. For me, I would probably wear some boots with a heel or without heel (if worn with cardi). Or if you need to dress it up more you could wear the shoes pictured in this picture. For b I would have her in black tights with black flats or with cute black boots!

product  product  product    product   product  product

As you can see, I already ordered this for me and the kids. I went ahead and tagged in one for Brody but I didn’t waist my money. He wouldn’t wear it (he’s to cool) so I didn’t buy it. These are just a comfy look that would look great in the mountains! I will probably wear leggings with uggs or snow boots. B will wear her black leggings and Benton will wear his jeggings. I’ve linked womens, girls, boys, toddler boy, toddler girl, and mens. I couldn’t find the one I ordered for Benton.

product     product   product

I also ordered these for us too! I will probably wear my black jeans (to dress it up) black riding boots and black vest. I think this will dress it up while still making it look casual. B will probably wear her black leggings and a cream cardigan with her black riding boots. And poor Benton…. Always matching us. He will wear this with maybe a cute vest or pull over with his jeans. I think these would look soo good for some Christmas pictures!

product   product  product

Now this one is something I’m pretty excited out! Even though the colors aren’t exactly the same it’s pretty close! For both of us, I’m thinking leggings (of course) with a white shirt. I’m thinking black ugg boots for the comfy look but you can definitely dress it up with riding boots. I went ahead and linked this one scarf because I saw something the other day that really made so much sense! These scarves are always soooo bulky so why not fold it over and cut it in half!!! That way I have one and b has one!

Ok that’s all for now! I definitely could go on and on! Matching is my favorite!

Have a Happy Monday!



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